Hey guys. So, earlier I was at Sony’s Launch. Which was held in Cititel Hotel at Kuala Lumpur. Its nearby Mid Valley Megamall. So, I am just gonna jump right away into what Happened today at the event…

Sony launched its all new a6300 and the G Master Lens Series. Which will be available in the market real soon. Let’s not waste any time and get into the product right away!

Let’s talk about the new a6300. The successor to the a6000. New specs in the same not-really-small-body-but-it’s-small body. One of the cameras that I wanted to try for quite a while and today the launched it. Here’s some interesting features about the a6300.

Mr. Saiful, who actually is the Camera specialist for Sony Malaysia gave us the details about all the products that released today and first was the a6300. Before they got into all the infos, the first thing we saw was the positioning of the camera in their chart. Where it actually shows which camera suits you best. And this a6300, is in the same ranking as the A7. Which is the Hoobyists. And here’s why.

These are some of the Eye catching features of the Sony a6300:
  • World’s fastest AF speed (0.05 sec.)
  • The World’s highest number of AF Points (425)
  • High – Speed continuous shooting up to 11fps
    • Up to 8fps for live-view with minimal lag
  • A newly developed APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor
    • 24.2 MP w/ BIONZ X image processor
  • 4K recording (finally!) with full pixel readout without pixel binning
  • XGA OLED Tru-Finder with 120fps viewfinder frame rate display
  • Wi-Fi / NFC / QR code functions
    • For Image Transferring
    • To use as a Remote Control

Their 4D Focus has improved a lot. Sony’s autofocus gone to a ridiculously crazy level. The camera has 425 AF Points, 0.05sec. Fastest AF Speed and it has something called the High-density Tracking AF Technology. This specific technology actually helps in covering the area around the subject. As they said, 7.5x (Times) as much density as the a6300.

It has High speed continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking, Silent shooting and other tricks up its sleeves. What really interests me is the capability of recording 4K (duh), color grading and the New 24.2-megapixel APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor. The new sensor is different from the normal Conventional design. Instead of having the normal wiring layer and the small Photo-diode substrate, they have actually developed a new design with thinner copper wiring and a larger photo-diode dimension. 

Talk about the Color Grading, to be precise it’s about the S-Gamut/S-log Shooting. This gives a wider option in shooting the video / movie with emotion and colors by color grading during the post-production which I think it’s dope. Well, that’s all for the Sony a6300.

And now, Let’s get onto the

G Master Lens Series. Sony alpha Interchangeable Lens System. 

First question that comes to all the users, Why G Master?…

Here’s what they told us,

“To strengthen G Lens line up, Sony has been expanding lenses that meet the new lens standard, high resolution and beautiful bokeh for still and movies since 2013. High Resolution camera rapidly evolve recent years. A7RII with 42MP and this trend will keep continue. 4K Recording, demand for higher resolution photo and continual creative passion for beautiful bokeh.”

The G Master is entirely developed with Sony and they made this lens especially for those who wants to step up the camera A Game. I got the chance to play with it… Before that, Let me share the lens they launched.

First one is the, FE 24 – 70 f2.8 GM, Has XA (Extreme aspherical), ED/Super ED and Nano AR Coating for stupendous resolution, clarity and contrast. Direct Drive SSM focus drive w/ new control algorithms, Manual focus ring, AF/MF switch, focus hold button and zoom lock switch, Dust and moisture resistant design but not water or splashproof. 

Second lens was the FE 85 f1.5 GM, this one has a dual focus position sensors to give the high level of focus precision need to see the full resolution capabilities in today’s camera. 

And finally they released their FE 70 – 200 f2.8 GM. High in-focus resolution smoothly dissolves to luscious bokeh. Class-leading close-up performance, AF speed and precision which responds darn fast. Optimized for the fieldwork and supporst the first high performancr E-mount teleconverters.  All of these lens are E – Mount and full frame.

And they released their two Teleconverters. One was a 1.4x Teleconverter and the other one was a 2.0x Teleconverter.

And after the event we got the chance to play with the camera and the lens. Sony Malaysia didn’t announce the price for the lens yet. But the Sony a6300 is available for preorder for RM 4999 just for the body.

I tried all of their products that was launched today during the event and I gotta say it’s impressive. But one thing for sure is, I will only know when I bring this camera into the wild. But overall, its nice. Good job Sony.

Honestly, I really wish to grab my hands on the Sony a6300 and I really wish it happens soon. Please. Haha. Hope you’re hearing this Sony Malaysia.

And here are some pictures taken during the event.

Testing the PlayMemories on my Tablet Z2
And that’s all folk for today! Make sure you guys share this article with your friends and family. And I’ll see you guys soon. Reviews on products are coming soon. And I’ll catch you guys in my next post.

Till then,
This Prithivi Raj / Vesper

Signing off.

Shot with Sony A7II