Asus ROG Masters 2017, an international level tournament with world class players started their journey in June. After going though those 3 phases of battle to secure their spot in the finals. The battle came to an end in December 9th and 10th in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Almost 6,000 teams participated from 35 countries battled their way through to earn their title.

Victorious Teams and their ROG Masters Title

Over 6,000 fans of Counter Strike and Dota 2 combined were able to witness the battle with their own eyes, at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, thanks to Asus for making their gaming dreams come true. 6 Teams competed for their spot and to earn their title as ROG Master for Dota 2. The team that took the trophy home was none other than, Team Empire. Wheres another 6 teams fought their way to earn their title as the ROG Masters for Counter Strike: GO. Gambit Gaming took their trophy back home.

Derek Yu’s Remarks

The ROG Strategic Division Director and Global Marketing Senior Director said, “From the inaugural year’s APAC-only tournament to this year’s worldwide events, ROG Masters has been incredibly successful in enabling seasoned pros and rising amateurs from all corners of the world to make their aspirations a reality and live their esports dreams. ROG Masters 2017 featured overwhelming participation, with over 6,000 teams competing — ten times more than the previous year — in a series of events hosted in over 35 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia.”

“It’s truly a testament to our shared enthusiasm with the community and the brand’s commitment to esports.”



It sure is a great moment where we all got the opportunity to witness the whole battle with our very eyes, few feet away. If you missed the ROG Masters this time around, fret not. There’s always next time. You’ll hear from us when the next battle happens.

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