March 8 marks a historical moment. In fact, it’s International Woman’s Day. A day where we celebrate the dozens of contributions women all around the globe make to their community and also to the society. We have seen a lot of movements where women voice their opinions and we at The Adventures of Vesper support every women out there. In fact, the most popular Social Network on the planet, Facebook is also celebrating with us by sharing some interesting statistics with us.

Facebook Stats on International Women’s Day

We all know for a fact that when women lead, everyone progresses. This is something we completely agree to. Back in 2017, International Women’s Day was the most talked moment and it doubled since 2016. Following that, 5 Countries – US, Brazil, India, Mexico and Argentina drove the majority of the International Women’s Day conversation on Facebook. Interestingly, making it up over to 50% of the posts!

Interesting Stories behind Groups, Fundraisers and Pages

Facebook Groups, one of the channel where everyone with the same interests gather together and voice out. 40% of the monthly active Groups on Facebook were created by Women. Here’s an interesting story from Maria who leads the group called Supergirls. This particular group has like 90,000 women in Israel where they share same challenges in life: career, family and identity. This is a group where they get to share deep secrets, asking personal questions or having a shoulder to cry on. The best part about this group is that, they’ve held more than 100 community meetings to have social impact not only online but also in person.

Facebook Pages is a place where everyone gets to share information, promote and so on. Natalie asked something different for her birthday last November. She asked her friends and family to help support Women and Children First: The Center Against Family Violence, Central Arkansa’s largest Domestic Violence Shelter that offers emergency shelter, support devices and advocacy. Natalie took this opportunity to welcome those who in need by keeping her arms open. In fact, she even surpassed her fundraising goal and raised enough to help two women leave abusive relationships and be safe. Guess what, 70% percent of all the Fundraisers on Facebook are created by women.

Angel works for Alameda County Fair. It’s a 20-day, 150-year-old fair that was started back in 1859 in downtown Oakland. It was known for its floral event. What Angel did was, she took a job in the marketing department. A job which she had no experience on. She started off a Facebook page, and today she has a following to 100,000, increased ticket sales and helped to hire 25 additional employees.

If these Women can do it, you can too!

Today, March 8, Facebook is celebrating women like them who made an impact in the society.

Credit Her – a campaign spotlight women from past and present. Women who made and is making incredible contribution to the society.

We also have an interesting card pop-up on our mobile devices, where we can pick a card, photo frame to inspire people and express how they feel on this day. Finally, we have an interesting program called #SheMeansBusiness. This is a program that Facebook created back in 2017 where they support women-owned business. This tool gives the power for female entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect, share and support each other.

This is a beautiful campaign. We want more women to make beautiful statement like this. In fact, Women must lead too. We couldn’t agree more. To all the women out there reading this, we wish you Happy Women’s Day.

Just like what Beyonce says. “Who run the world, Girls!”. 😉