With all the interesting series that we love getting renewed for this year, we have a new addition. A series that’s actually a reboot from the famous Sci-Fi Cult, Lost in Space. I, Prithivi am a huge fan of Science Fiction Series. You might be wondering, “Does Prithivi know the classic?”. Good thing, I actually do. By the way, does anyone here know anything about Lost in Space? You know what to – Just let us know in the comments section below.

Here’s a synopsis of the whole story – don’t worry. We are not going to spoil it for you. We hate Spoilers.

Like we said, Lost in Space is a 1960’s science fiction series. The story is set 30 years in the future and guess what, going into space to live on different planet is now possible. But colonizing in the space isn’t as easy as you think. There’s a bunch of criteria a family should meet and pass tests – that shows the survival of the fittest. Now, the Robinson Family are among the selected to create a better life in a better world. This comes with a lot of challenges – that is adapting to the new environment, forge new alliance and work together to survive the alien planet.

Meet the Robinsons

The Robinsons consists of 5 members – Mom, Dad and three children. The famous Molly Parker (also, my personal favorite) plays as Maureen Robinson. Toby Stephens as John Robinsons. Taylor Russel as Judy Robinson. Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson and finally, Max Jenkins as Will Robinsons.

These five characters are the main characters of the whole show and yes, we do have other cast in this series. But we don’t want to reveal it as it may contain potential spoilers that will definitely ruin your experience.

A bit more about the characters. John Robinson is Maureen’s Husband and the father of three kids. He is actually a seasoned combat veteran. So yes, expect him to have the characteristics of a leader and also a soldier. Maureen on the other hand, is an aerospace engineer and yes, a mom. She comes off as a strong character in the whole show. Maureen is the one that makes the decision of bringing her whole family into space and that’s where things happen.

Moving on to the children. Judy Robinson is the eldest in the family and a trained doctor. She is actually Maureen’s daughter from her first marriage. She has this strong vibe going on. Not only that, Judy is an athletic and also very confident in what she does. Penny Robinson, the second child – who is super sarcastic, quick-witted and portrays herself as a tough person. But on the inside, she’s has a romantic soul. Finally, Will Robinson – is the youngest child. Despite being young, he is smart, creative and also sensitive.

Just like the classic, we have a robot on this one. Honestly, when you look at it – it’s actually scary but the sentient becomes Will’s loyal Servant. As anyone would expect, it’s full of mysteries and things gets unraveled over time. Also, am I the only one thinks that this robot looks like the Demogorgon we saw in Stranger Things?

The whole show

Despite Lost in Space being this whole Science Fiction show, it has one more element that we all could relate to. That is the Family drama. One thing I personally liked when watching the show – is the dynamic between the whole family. To put it in two words – it’s Beautifully Flawed. Just like any other family, the Robinsons are flawed and each and every single one of them have their weakness. The whole family working together shows that being together gives you the ability to overcome obstacles. Hence why the quote,

Robinsons Stick Together.

After watching the first five episodes of the show, the children – Judy, Penny and Will – pulled out a wonderful job because these three go through a lot of obstacles and in order to make sure that the other one is okay, they help each other throughout the process. That makes it beautiful.

Even though the Robinsons are the main characters, the other character that’d interest you is Dr. Smith. She’s part villain, part anti-hero, compelling, charismatic and treacherous. Reading this alone, you must be like – whoa. Yes, she’s a piece of work. As every episode passes, you’ll realize she has a plan and always few steps ahead in achieving what she wants. They way she manipulates people is something else.

As a Science Fiction show, it does have a lot of interesting elements happening. The whole idea behind the space program is interesting. The fact that the families that’s eligible after passing all the tests are allowed for the space program to be a colonist. It’s very interesting. Same goes to the spaceship in the Space – The Resolute. A beautiful Space station where all the colonists stay on it and then proceed to their mission. Not to forget the Robot, it has this face where the color changes and the whole body is made up of an extraterrestrial material that’s durable and strong. It’s super tall too.

The whole thing starts with a huge struggle and all these bits and pieces of flashback adds more to the story, giving it a clearer look. I felt like the whole series will get interesting after episode 5 because the first 4 is just flashbacks and also things that will make the whole series interesting. It unravels bit by bit – keeping the element of surprise intact.

You might be wondering – “Is it really a great show to watch as I am not a Sci-fi fan?” Like I’ve said earlier – the Family Drama in this is amazing. It shows that – every family is flawed and it takes the whole family to become stronger.


It’s good to see Netflix reviving the classic and remaking it for 2018. I personally think that this show is about to go places, just like how they did. You’re going to enjoy this. Be it – Sci-fi Fans or Family Drama.  If you’re one who just want to watch for the Family Drama, boy you sure are going to love this one. If you want me to do a review with all the spoilers, do let me know in the comment section below.

Lost in Space will be available on Netflix starting from 13th April.
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