When we think about qualities like love, affection and gratitude – we think about all the women around us in our lives. But we have that one person in our life that did not only give love but taught us how to love – that’s our mother. We celebrate Mother’s day literally every single year despite the distance and everything. Thanks to Facebook, it has been a part of our life for a while now and the bridge to connect to our parents.

Speaking of Facebook and Messenger – here’s a fun fact that happened in 2017. Mother’s Day conversations drove more post in one day than anything. It also happens to be the biggest day on Messengers.

Another quality that we love about our mother is the endless support and leaving a positive impact in the society. A lot of moms have gone on Facebook and they’ve been changing lives for good. Let’s take a look at these three cases.

Mothers Making Positive Impact

Breastfeeding Support Group for Black Moms

One of the toughest thing for a mom – especially for mom that just gave birth to their first child, is how the whole thing works. Even as a guy, I know the pain they go through – for instance, post-partum depression, lethargy, tiredness and many more. One of the important thing is Breastfeeding. There’s a lot of people who doesn’t know the benefits of getting their child breastfed.

Nzinga Jones, started off a community called Breastfeeding Support Group for Black Moms. Today, the group has 45,000 members and it’s growing. Nzinga started off this community dedicated to empower and support a community of Black Women about the benefits of breastfeeding.

Inspiralized Kids and Inspiralized Mamas

Ali Maffucci is the brains behind the culinary brand Inspiralized. It’s a resource for cooking creatively, healthfully and deliciously with the spiralizer – a kitchen tool that turns vegetable and fruits into noodles. (Wait whaaaaa?). Ali built a community – a strong one – Inspiralized Kids and Inspiralized Mamas, where they could share recipes and talk about cooking with la familia.

The Gray Ruby Diaries

Other aspect of a mother that’s very important is Motherhood. Diana Blinkhorn is a mother of three and she is the one behind The Gray Ruby Diaries, where she writes all about motherhood. She writes about her experience raising three young girls to help encourage other mothers during tough times. The community she built now has more than 10,000 people and she sells children’s items through Marketplace.

Wish your Mom a Happy Mother’s Day

What’s a better way to celebrate with your Mom on mother’s day? Ofcourse, taking for a movie, dinner and so on. Sometimes, when we are further away from our mum – it’s hard to do that. So, on Facebook – you cansee a bunch of filters and frames – add text, pictures of you and your mom – share it.

With the help of Messenger, you can evenpost a bunch of pictures with you’re celebrating in person or afar. There’s like a bunch of super cool filters to step your game up. You can even celebrate by doing a group video chat and have some fun. 😀

So, what are you waiting for – time to have some fun. 😊

To every mother out there, we wish you Happy Mothers’ day.