All of us know Celcom takes these interesting steps to make the consumer get more for what they pay for. A while back, we saw them having offers about rewards every single month with their Celcom FIRST plan and the free Video Walla data per month. Now following the trend, Celcom has now unveiled their new product – Meet Celcom Home Wireless. Possibly the most simple and easiest way to connect to the internet. All it takes is 3 steps – Plug, Play and Enjoy.

Celcom Home Wireless

Celcom Home Wireless is obviously for home and like I’ve mentioned earlier – it takes three steps to get yourself connected to the internet. With the new Wireless, Celcom claims that users will get an average of 30 Mbps, in a matter of minutes. Now, the Celcom Home Wireless will be available in three different plans – Home Wireless Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum.

Starting off with the Home Wireless Gold – It comes with a data quota of 25GB for all your internet usage – browsing and sorts. Now a while back Celcom announced their Video Walla and Music Walla. Now with the Gold Plan, you’ll get 40GB Data just for Video and Music Walla. That’s about (25GB + 40GB) Per month.

Next up, there’s the Home Wireless Gold Plus Plan. I like to call this my Ideal Plan. As for data Quota, you get double the Gold Plan – which is 50GB. On top of that, you get 100GB Data just for Video and Music Walla. That’s like (50GB+100GB) per month.

Finally, we have their highest offering. Meet the Home Wireless Platinum. With this, you’ll get about 150GB Data per month and the best part is – you’ll get a whopping 1TB Data just for Music and Video Walla. Now that is definitely a deal worth taking note.

All the plans above will come with a Huawei B610 Modem that will be free of cost and yes, it does come with a contract of 24 Months. But good thing is you don’t have to pay anything extra. Personally, I think it’s a really great plan – considering the price and what you get for it. If you’re not happy with the purchase, there’s a 30-day return policy as well.


Now the Celcom Home Wireless Gold will be priced at RM 74.20. Moving up the list, we have the Gold Plus for RM 106 and finally the Platinum for RM159. The pricing mentioned here are all inclusive of GST. So that’s pretty good. Now, what are you waiting for – head over to the nearest Celcom Blue Cube and get yours now!