Samsung has launched a new range of its signature Samsung QLED TVs for the year in Malaysia. According to the company, it comes with cutting-edge technology with a contemporary design for the modern consumer.

Unrivalled Viewing Experience


Samsung puts a focus on three aspects when developing the new range of TVs, and this includes Picture, Style, and Smart. For the Picture side of things, the TVs come with Direct Full Array technology. This is made up of a panel with zones of controlled backlighting that adjusts automatically, delivering deeper blacks and pure whites. Anti-reflection is also part of the package, resulting in better viewing angles and boosted contrast.

As for Style, Samsung has included a feature called Magic Screen, which is an energy-saving function that will display images and real-time information on the display. Also, it will be able to mimic the pattern of the wall behind the TV, blending it into the wall. Being Smart, the lineup of QLED TVs will be able to connect with SmartThings compatible devices. This includes smart home products and also a variety of Samsung apps.

The Lineup and Pricing

Samsung’s lineup of QLED TVs consists of three categories with a total of seven TVs. At the lowest end of the spectrum is the Q7F Smart QLED TV which comes in 55” (RM8,489), 65” (RM15,093), and 75” (RM31,131). Moving further up is the Q8C 4K Curved Smart TV at 55” (RM9,433) and 65” (RM16,980). Finally, we have the Q9F 4K Smart QLED TV available in 65” (RM18,866) and 75” (RM34,904).

These Samsung products are already available throughout Malaysia, and can be purchased from Samsung Brand Stores and authorised dealers.