4th of February is a special day for both us and the service we have been using for a while right now. Facebook, the social network connecting people together since 2004 turn 15 years today. Ever since 2004, Facebook prioritizes one thing over anything else – that is friendship. And over the time, Facebook has made so many changes for the better and has introduced us to a lot of features that’s super compelling and we use on a day-to-day basis.

Facebook has made progress on both sides of their Social Network – as a whole and their focus in Asia Pacific Region where the first Asia Office was opened in 2009 at Sydney, Australia. They’ve made an infographic for both which you can take a look at below. To make this 15th birthday special, Facebook users may see their Together in Friendship personalized video on their News Feeds that takes them back to special moments shared with their loved ones over the years.

Facebook Milestones for 15 Years

Facebook Impact in Asia Pacific