If there’s one thing we all enjoy – it’s watching shows on Netflix, be it with friends and family or even your significant other. Services like Netflix has helped us take our favorite shows on the move and with all the features like Smart Download, watching an entire season of a show with just a gig of data – which you can read here about it has got us going. Up until few months back, Netflix offered three plans – Basic starting at RM33, Standard at RM 42 and finally, Premium at RM 51. A while back, they announced their new RM 17 Mobile plan, which means anyone can watch Netflix at an amazing price but what’s the catch? – Let us break down for you.

Netflix Plans in a Whole

The beauty of Netflix plan is that you can upgrade or downgrade anytime you want, and all the plans gives you access to plethora of shows and Movies which is neat. You can cancel anytime and your first month is on Netflix – click here to get your first month for free. I personally use their Premium plan which comes in at RM 51 per month – a pretty penny to pay but for a reason. Let’s dive a little deep into their three main plans – Basic, Standard and Premium.

Basic – this plan is ideal and catered for people who just want a Netflix subscription for themselves. It gives you the option to watch on your mobile phone, tablet and even TV but you only have one screen to watch on and only at SD Resolution. Standard – gives you the option to watch on 2 screens at the same time and you can stream HD Content. Finally, the Premium – the god of all plans, lets you watch on 4 screens in Ultra HD, that is if you have a device which supports 4K.

What’s with the Mobile Plan then?

Glad you asked. The Mobile plan starts at RM 17 per month and you can watch it on your mobile or your tablet only. If you plan to watch on your Laptop or TV, its not possible. Another thing about the Mobile Plan is that, you cannot watch shows on HD or Ultra HD. So, your resolution is capped at SD Resolution – which is 480p. If you happen to watch on mobile, 480p isn’t bad at all – as you can see decent amount of details and gets you going. On the tablet, it may look a little underwhelming but for what it’s worth you can watch a good show on the move.

Which one to get: Mobile or Basic?

Now there’s a good reason why the mobile plan for Netflix exist. If you are one of those people who spends more time on the road than at home or at your significant others place, going for the Mobile plan is a really good choice as it’s as easy as one, two and three. But on-the-move, also means that you may want to watch it on your laptop as it’s something some people bring it on the go as well. That’s where the Basic plan comes in with the option to watch it on Laptop and TV.

So, for someone who relies a lot on my laptop, the extra RM 16 for the Basic plan seems to be worthy. But if you would love to travel light and your phone/tablet is all you need; you cannot go wrong with their Mobile plan.

If you want a quality experience, then opt in for their Standard or Premium, you cannot go wrong at all – we can vouch for that. Which plan are you on? If you aren’t on any and new to Netflix, click here to get your first month on the house. 😉