One thing about trade shows or a tech expo for that matter, people all over the world come together to bring amazing content and even get to experience every company’s new innovation to see what happens next with the industry and where its heading. For tech journalists, MWC is one of few amazing tech shows but more on Mobile devices. But this year, there’s been quite the development because ever since the whole Coronavirus epidemic struck, major brands like Sony, HMD Global and more were backing out and now GSMA released a statement that MWC 2020 is not going to happen.

Statement Issued by GSMA

GSMA, issued a statement on their official portal that due to the whole Coronavirus incident that’s going on throughout all over the world and which brings up questions about health measures, they have officially cancelled the MWC Barcelona 2020.

This started off with brands – LG who pulled out of MWC and followed by brands like NVIDIA, Sony, TCL and so many others decided to pull out with even recent announcement of HMD Global who manufactures Nokia devices in the current time as also backed out, thus causing a huge chaos. It’s smart that GSMA took the initiative to put an halt on the MWC 2020 as the Coronavirus incident is indeed serious.

Health matters and brand new smartphones can wait, for now.

Source: GSMA
Image Source: TechRadar