In an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, us Malaysians have been asked to stay at home as part of the Movement Control Order by the government. For the fitness enthusiasts, this may sound like a disaster as this meant no outdoor activities and as such only indoor exercises are on the menu. Fitbit aims to help out its users with a new Resource Hub that help people stay healthy, safe and connected.

Fitbit Premium

In particular, Fitbit Premium users will now have access to tools that help people keep fit and healthy at home, have access to a doctor online* as well as obtaining the latest information from the World Health Organisation. Starting on 10th April 2020, a new tab at the bottom right of the Fitbit app can be seen and users can access said functionalities through there.

In order to help people transact through this time of hardship, Fitbit has helpfully provided users with a multitude of benefits to help users keep in track with their eating, exercising, stress management and sleep. The benefits include:

  • 90-day free trial of Premium
  • More than 40 Premium at-home workouts, meditations, sleep tracks and more are made available for everyone free of charge**
  • New clock faces, including the Clean Cues clock face, that reminds you to wash your hands with timers
  • Advanced sleep tools and guided programs
  • Mindfulness content with Relax guided breathing exercises or sessions via Premium
  • Nutrition tips and healthy habits
  • Ways to connect with others to stay motivated as part of the global Fitbit community

Another added bonus of the continuous use of your Fitbit device is that you will be contributing to data collection by The Scripps Research Institute and Stanford Medicine for researches on wearable data in detection, tracking and containment of COVID-19. The data collected include heart rate changes, activity level and sleep; which will then be used to determine if they can provide an early indication of viral illness before symptoms manifest. As a matter of fact, there has been early evidence that indicates wearables help predict onset of infectious diseases!

*Access to a virtual doctor online is only available in the US as of writing.
**Offer valid for new Premium users only. Terms and conditions apply.