Joining forces with fellow international players, Malaysian e-sports star Yeik Nai Zheng donates US $100,000 for global charities supporting the frontline against COVID-19 through Gamers Without Borders. The seven-week event series pledges to donate a total of US $10 million as charity funds for those combating the pandemic, including UNICEF, International Medical Corps, GAVI The Vaccine Alliance and King Salman Humanitarian to name a few.

MidOne & OG

Better known as “MidOne” from the Red Bull OG team, Yeik Nai Zheng and his team reached the semi-finals of the Dota 2 event and subsequently donated US $100,000 to the International Medical Corps charity. During the three day tournament, OG overcame Team Nigma with a 2-1 win in a thrilling set of quarter-finals but missed out narrowly in the semi-finals with a 2-1 score in favour of rival team Natus Vincere.

MidOne was the first player from South East Asia to achieve a MMR of over 8,000 (official DOTA 2 ranking value) in the last two years. Having joined Dota 2 world champion team OG, the gaming star was glad to have contributed towards a worthy initiative and the ability to participate in competitive gaming from home. “To come together from gamers across different parts of the world is fun during these difficult times.” said MidOne.

Gamers Without Borders

“The world needs some positivity right now and gaming can help with that. It was a fun tournament. It’s definitely inspiring that everybody in the event is contributing to the world”, added the world-renown Dota 2 player. Malaysian gaming fans can stream all the International Elite events, which are part of Gamers Without Borders each weekend on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

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