Acer has been in the consumer space for as long as we can remember and their commercial side with the TravelMate lineup. This time at [email protected], they unveiled a new lineup for a niche target audience. The Acer Enduro. Enduro is Acer’s new Rugged lineup devices that’s built for harsh environment. They unveiled few devices under the Enduro lineup but they talked more about their two flagship devices – the N7 and N3.

The lineup itself consists of tablets, convertibles and laptop but their two main devices Acer talked about is the Enduro N7 and the Enduro N3.

Acer Enduro N7

The Enduro N7 looks like a laptop that came straight out of a Mission Impossible movie. The laptop is rugged, certified for MIL-STD-810G and has a handle to carry it around – just like a briefcase. Unlike any other laptop, the Enduro N7 also has Ingress protection and we are looking at a IP65 Dust and Waterproofing. To make life easier for users who are going to use laptops like these at harsh conditions, the batteries are hot swappable and it comes with Fingerprint sensor.

Acer Enduro N3

The Enduro N3 is more of a consumer friendly-ish rugged laptop with the same MIL-STD 810G Certification and the laptop also gets an IP53 certification for the best protection against water and dust. The laptop rocks an Aqua fan for it’s thermal which makes in a very appealing way of keeping the system thermals at bay.

Both the devices are packed with the latest Intel Core processors under the hood and it has been put to test under harsh conditions such has higher temperature like the deserts and colder temperatures as low as -35 degree celcius. Followed by that, the Rugged finish to handle Shock when dropped. So that it doesnt break in anyway.