The XBOX Game Pass has been an absolute threat in the market for other contenders, namely PlayStation who has their own subscription plan and not a very good one at that. But that all changes as the Project Spartacus based PlayStation Plus plan now goes live and this all-new PlayStation Plus is what we have been waiting for.

Project Spartacus based PlayStation Plus Plan

The all-new PlayStation Plus revamps whatever they have done since their official launch in 2010, which existed as a subscription model where consumers can enjoy some free games, and at the same time PlayStation Now took the console streaming to another level.

This time around, Sony Interactive Entertainment revamps the whole plan for a much better streamlined experience in the form of three plans and an extra one for select market – but this is going to be the XBOX Game Pass contender we have been waiting for.

PlayStation Plus Essential

 Project Spartacus based PlayStation Plus
Project Spartacus based PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation Plus Essential is going to be the base plan that covers the essentials, just like the name suggests and this particular plan is pretty much as to what we currently pay and enjoy as of right now, which means there are no changes for existing PlayStation Plus members in this tier. The benefits of this plan are:

Provides the same benefits that PlayStation Plus members are getting today, such as:

  • Two monthly downloadable games
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Cloud storage for saved games
  • Online multiplayer access

PlayStation Plus Extra

The PlayStation Plus Extra, gives you everything as the Essentials but it adds a catalog of up to 400* of the most enjoyable PS4 and PS5 games, including blockbuster hits from their PlayStation Studios catalog and third-party partners. Games that will be in the Extra Tier are also downloadable for play.

PlayStation Plus Deluxe*

Now unlike the other three plans, this PlayStation Plus Deluxe is a select market plan which will be made available in markets without cloud screaming and will be cheaper than Premium. As for the rest, you will get the benefits of the Premium which we will explain below.

PlayStation Plus Premium

The PlayStation Plus Premium is the ultimate plan for anyone who is a gamer at heart because not only this and the PlayStation Plus Deluxe brings every benefit from the Essential and Extra tiers but also adds up to a whopping 340* additional titles including:

  • PS3 games available via cloud streaming.
  • A catalog of beloved classic games available in both streaming and download options from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations.
  • Offers cloud streaming access for original PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS4 games offered in the Extra and Premium tiers in markets where PlayStation Now is currently available. Customers can stream games using PS4 and PS5 consoles, and PC. (Not available for Deluxe Plan).
  • Time-limited game trials will also be offered in this tier, so customers can try select games before they buy.

What Changes Here?

Now that these plans have come to in place, this will eliminate the PlayStation Now standalone platform entirely, and will be combined with the aforementioned plans. Since it’s also a massive change and launch, the new PlayStation Plus will be offered in a phased regional approach, starting in June with:

  • Several Asian Markets
  • North America
  • Europe
  • And the Rest of the World where PS Plus is offered


The pricing is going to be like as what XBOX has with their Game Pass and here are as follows. As for now the only plan that doesn’t have a pricing is PlayStation Plus Deluxe which we will find out at a later date. That said, to be very honest, while it may seem like it’s a huge premium to pay, it does bring a good amount of value but then again, we don’t know as to what titles will be available. So that’s something we must wait and see.

Update: Here are the Malaysian Pricing for the new PlayStation Plus Plans