Echelon Cipher’s Project CShox is a self-designing functioning NFT Digital Watch Collection that lives on the Ethereum Network and can tell the time live.

It was developed to expose Web3, decentralised platforms, and their possibilities to Malaysia’s online and offline marketplaces. Khor Ren Jin and Dindran Kumar, both Malaysians from internet businesses and, cofounded this enterprise.

It’s a limited-edition collection of 3,690 Genesis NFTs, with no two watches being the same because each one is unique.

The NFT’s design is the result of integrating influence from several watches since the late 1980s, such as Swatch, GShock, London Boy, and many more, with the developers’ own spin to suit the Web3 milieu, ranging from rubber elements merging with metal to distinctive face and bezel designs.

Owners can create their own masterpieces and bring them into the metaverse. This project includes a ready-to-use DApp into which owners of this watch collection can plug and play.

Aside from telling time and date in real-time, Project CShox is packed with utilities, making it a versatile and effective NFT timepiece. To begin, it has a wallet-ticker as evidence of ownership. This makes it simple for individuals who want to trade it or display the NFT for the public to see.

In terms of showcasing, owners can create their own CShox collection using Echelon Cipher’s designer tool and sign one upload of that design, which will then be saved on the secure server overlapping the Genesis skin.

Owners can simply see a glimpse of their CShox collection on their hands at any moment by using the AR capability via DApp on mobile, which will be published later. Once the owner has connected to MetaMask and requested the CShox token, they can begin utilising the DApp and reap app benefits such as browsing on OpenSea, LooksRare, and Rarible.

The owner can acquire access to the unique Cipher-Market and secure limited goodies and merchandise that are being provided on the platform. Furthermore, owners have access to the holders-only Discord forum, where the newest Crypto-NFT and related matters can be addressed.

Bean Jr., Australian Cake House, Opus Residence, Mitra Homestay Retreat, Doublewoot, Christy Ng, Beaubelle, and many more partner logos have been embedded into the CShox designer tool.

Project CShox price and availability

Project CShox is set to officially launch towards the end of May 2022. The pricing for Whitelist purchases will be 0.08ETH (about RM700), while the public sale will be published on the official Discord server.

Visit the official website for additional details.

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