While we are few days away from their launch of the Warhammer 40K and Unfinity Sets, the Wizards have unveiled their upcoming set for November and say hello to the MTG The Brothers War – which as per the lore, is the story that happens after Dominaria United. So, in this “Everything we Know so far” article which we will update from time to time, is all you need to know what to expect with the next installation of MTG.

MTG The Brothers War


Dominaria United was a heavy story where the legendary Magic characters like Karn, Jaya Ballard, Jodah and Teferi deal with the whole Phyrexian invasion in which the Magic characters try to convince Dominaria to find out who are the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” – the sleeper agents. Draftsim gave a synopsis of the five-part story in their article which is a good read. Spoiler alert: Jaya Ballard is no longer with us and may she rest in peace.

Fast forward to The Brothers War, the heroes should now look into the past to save their future, and in doing this, the true story between brothers Urza and Mishra comes to light. Yes, the same Urza who destroyed Phyrexia and Yawgmoth. So, since this taps into the past, the war comes back to light again, which of course isn’t pretty. More on the story in a different article.

The Cards

Starting off with the Land Cards

As per MTG tradition where all the five lands come in two assorted designs, you will notice the same here with these MTG The Brothers War. Now, a little story behind the artwork – After the end of Brother’s War, the Ice Age plane was frozen, and the events led to repeated destruction and challenges for Dominaria. This began with a conflict with egos and huge machines of war came to clash. So, the artwork in these land cards depict the full art mech land’s location and the fact that it battled there.

The Brothers: Urza and Mishra

The Brothers War set features a variety of versions of the legends and being the heroes of their own stories and villains to many – both of em’ are known to stand of either side of a conflict with the legends for as long as the history could remember. So, we have Urza, the Planeswalker card and another card, The Mightstone and Weakstone, which melds with Urza.

The Commander Decks

MTG The Brothers War

To go along with this, there will also be Commander Decks – and since this installation goes back to the past, MTG is paying a tribute by making every magic card in the deck feature a retro frame. So, you name it – every single new card will come in the retro frame and the reprints will also be in the retro frame. Lands, Artifact, Sorcery, pretty much everything. So, if you adore the Retro frame, this is a deck you do not want to miss.

As always Urza and Mishra will also get extended-art treatment in the Collector Boosters.

As for Promos

For those who participate in the Pre-release event in November, there will be 4 promos to be given away – specifically from Wizards Play Network Stores in conjunction with Magic’s 30th anniversary celebration. And you can buy all the products in any quantity – so, gain that early advantage.

Now for the Buy-a-box Promo, you will get a Mishra’s Foundry in Retro Frame, but while stocks last. But if you miss it, you can still find the normal and extended art in sets.

For those who purchase bundles, it too will also come with a promo – one of the legendary characters in fact, and its Queen Kayla bin-Kroog – in Retro Frame. Once again, it will be available in normal and extended art versions in sets.

Back in Time

MTG takes this as an opportunity to bring back a series of retro artifacts from Magic’s History – which dates all the way back to its beginning. These cards will come with their own set symbol and can be found in Draft, Set and Collector Boosters.

If you happen to plan to build your own, they have added a second special set of retro frame artifacts with artwork. The schematic arts are beautiful in my opinion. Again, you can find them in Draft, Set and Collector Boosters.

If you happen to be collectors for its artwork, MTG is going as far as introducing Serialized versions of the cards that will show how many exist and which one do you have. So, for instance, if they happen to print 500 cards, it will be numbered out of 500 – and will exclusively be available in Collector Boosters. Not forgetting that it comes in a pretty double-rainbow foiling.

This is all the information we have for the time being – but you can bookmark this article if you need to, so as we update it – you will get newer information as to what’s happening with the upcoming MTG The Brothers War. Or keep an eye at The Adventures of Vesper’s Facebook.