What was once a community format, became an official format and today, pretty much everywhere all over the world knows what’s EDH or Commander format. That said, Magic The Gathering Commander Masters is getting released in Malaysia on the 4th August 2023. Here’s everything we know about it and we are working on another content to give our thoughts on what we have seen so far. So make sure to follow us to not miss that.

Magic The Gathering Commander Masters Malaysia

The Commander Sets

Just like any other sets we have seen so far, the Magic The Gathering Commander Masters Precons brings back some interesting mechanics and most importantly commanders and creature types we have not seen in a long while like Slivers, Eldrazis to name a few. The precons have 100-cards inside which we know the list for and you can check it out by clicking the respective title below. But that said, there are 10 newly-designed cards, a foil-etched commander and high power cards.

Magic The Gathering Commander Master Malaysia

Reprint Galore

Some of the cards we have seen once upon a time in an earlier set have gotten reprinted as new art and older art as well, making this set seem like the great one to pick up for anyone to fill the gaps of collecting the masters. That said, to name a few – we have cards like Azusa, Ur-Dragon, Omnath and so on – which are creatures that aren’t just scary to go against but even have become somewhat of a staple in cEDH-style games.

Medallions are Back

Every single Medallion – Emeralds, Jet, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire has been reprinted in this set. And this is huge news because the last time these Medallions were printed was in Tempest and reprinted in Commander 2014. So, seeing these medallions for the third time is definitely interesting. Now, these aren’t fetchable lands or anything. However, the Medallions help bring the cost of casting less by one for each colour – so play a rainbow deck and you will have quite the discount on playing things.

Retro Frame Basic Lands

Going back to the roots in more ways than one, and if you are a fan of the retro frame basic lands, rejoice – this is for you. So, we have art from – Alayna Danner, Rebecca Guay and Mark Poole. So, that’s 3 different variants for each type of land. Totalling at 15 total lands. I am definitely collecting a set of it – perhaps in foil because the borders look pretty beautiful if you ask me.

Borderless, Etched, Textured and Extended-Art Cards

The Magic The Gathering Commander Masters has not one but 4 to 5 different art style cards that might be a bit too overwhelming, especially if you are going after certain specific art or finishes. We have seen a bunch of Borderless Cards from Double Masters, Etched cards from Baldur’s Gate, and Extended Art cards from the recent Lord of the Rings set – expect it to be the same with this set as well.

But there’s one specific card which was a Double Masters 2022 thing, and that’s the textured foil which returns again for this set and the Jewel Lotus which is one of the few to get that finish, is going to be the most expensive card among them all – will be the most sought-after card.

What are the quantities of each finish you can find in Magic The Gathering Commander Masters? Well, here are the numbers.

  • Borderless Profile Legendary Creatures – 24 Cards in total (4 Uncommons, 11 Rares and 9 Mythics)
  • Borderless Frame Break Cards – 12 Cards in total (1 Uncommon, 5 Rares and 6 Mythics)
  • Borderless Cards – 46 Cards in total (12 Commons, 13 Uncommons, 18 Rares, and 3 Mythics)
  • Textured Foil and Foil-Etched Cards – 10 Cards in Total (and all of them are Mythics)
  • Extended Art Cards – 35 Cards in Total (28 Rares and 7 Mythics)

Unfortunately, some cards aren’t as easy as you think to get – because Collector Boosters are your only hope for special foilings. Whereas Set Boosters might get some and getting something in Draft will be very slim. That’s all we have to share in this article about Magic The Gathering Commander Masters. Stay tuned to us for more content on MTG with us.

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