It is the time of the year when we get to take a first look at some of the CES 2024 products from the comfort of our home – well, you know what we mean. And Acer Malaysia, as always has a nice spread for us to have a quick experience with. Here’s our Acer Swift X 14 First Look and boy did this laptop get better.

CES 2024 Acer Swift X 14 First Look

Beautiful Calman Verified Display

Acer has once again done a stellar job in making the display better than the last time. So, if you read our previous Acer Swift X 14 from CES 2023, you’d notice that they went 16:10 and it finally gets an OLED display. The new Swift X 14 still gets an OLED display and its 16:10 aspect ratio, however, it’s now a 14.5” display and now for the first time, we see a Calman Verified Display. This makes a huge difference for many users – especially if you are doing some colour work as a designer or as a student.

You best bet, this display is exactly the kind you’d be looking for.

One of the First to tout Intel Core Ultra (The Game Changer)

Ultrabooks and thin-and-lights suffer from a crippled processor and that just might have ended since the announcement of the Intel Core Ultra, which we will explore in another article. Now, with the prowess of AI in a lot of aspects: multi-tasking, Video calls, gaming and even video editing, this will help with better performance and keeping things at bay. That said the Acer Swift X 14 comes with up to Intel Core Ultra 7, which may vary according to region.

However, even though we have not tried it yet and if whatever Intel promises is exactly how the laptop is going to be – well, 2024 is going to be a great year for the Acer Swift X 14. On top of that, the variant we saw was packing NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070, 1TB PCI NVMe SSD, 32GB LPDDR5 RAM and WiFi 6E.

Still, the Laptop that I knew but Better

The Acer Swift X 14 is still the laptop we knew and it’s the same as last year’s design and build. While it has not changed a lot, it is still heading in the right direction – the keyboard is a nice one to type on, the huge trackpad is going to entice a lot of users with no issues whatsoever and the port selection on this laptop is mighty decent – with support for Thunderbolt 4. The laptop does have some demanding hardware, however, it does not use a Barrel DC adapter whereas it uses USB-C PD to charge things up.

The grey finish of this laptop is pretty neat looking and quite a clean slate – so, walking into classes or work, it is not going to grab too much attention for the better.

Our Opinion

It’s without a doubt, extremely beautiful to see the progress Acer has made with the Swift X series. But with the Acer Swift X 14, this is where the entire trajectory is going to change, for the better. With the new Intel Core Ultra processor, this is going to be the sought-after laptop for many, and one that will outshine the rest. You best bet, it is going to be the laptop to get. I know I would.

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