Oh boy, We are in April and Outlaws of Thunder Junction are here to get us all excited about this “cowboy and alien” type of situation. That said, instead of checking out the other cards, we are taking a look at the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Big Score sheet which happens to be pretty impressive and we are also getting a new sword – a pretty f**ked up one at that.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Big Score Sheet

  1. Sword of Wealth and Power

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Big Score

The thing about Swords in general is that, they do offer a kind of protection and added ability which makes it pretty interesting but of course, it doesn’t work that well in all styles of play. But Sword of Wealth and Power is about to be a pain to everyone as it gets protection from instants and sorceries. On top of that, you get to create a treasure when you deal combat damage and if you cast an instant or sorcery next, you could even copy it.

If protection from colours was something to worry about, well, this makes it hard to remove. But it’s not impossible. Just saying.

  1. Grand Abolisher

One of the amazing cards to exist from the Core Set 2012 and this has the power to stop a lot of your opponents from doing things during your turn. Need we say more? And since it’s coming back in the Big Score Sheet, there’s a chance that it’s going to be Standard legal. So, get ready for some interesting gameplay.

  1. Torpor Orb

An artifact that I feel would see a great deal of play in Commander as it does block creatures with ETB (Entering the Battlefield) triggers. So, this means, cards that has boardwipes as ETB is going to be an absolute pain to remove until you get an artifact removal to get rid of it.

  1. Transmutation Font

A card that goes well with Academy Manufacturer, where if you happen to create a Clue, Food or Treasure Token, you create one of each instead. And with Transmutation Font, it’s easier to activate the latter mechanic to get your artifact card and put it in the board for free. Despite activating as sorcery, it is a much better value to get some fast answers in an artifact deck.

  1. Lotus Ring

A piece of equipment that would see good action in ramp decks where you could easily attach to a mana rock creature to buff it up enough to use it for attack and even sacrifice it to get three mana of one colour, cast something more effective and use the Lotus Ring again to equip it to something else – repeat.

  1. Molten Duplication

While we have better cards out there with similar abilities, it’s nice to know that you can create a token of a copy of a target artifact or creature, which gains haste and sacrifices it at the next end step. For a 2 mana drop, it isn’t too bad I guess.

  1. Loot, the Key to Everything

This Digimon-looking creature is in the Big Score sheet and it brings a “play from exile” strategy in Temur colours, which is going to be extremely scary as it offers a great play strategy in these colours. That said, Loot plays a huge role in the Outlaws of Thunder Junction storyline – so if you do want to read it, head over to DraftSim for that.

As for the Rest

There are other Outlaws of Thunder Junction Big Score Cards, which you can find below and while we may have seen some cards before, the rest of them seem to be new and exciting enough to shake your board and your opponents in a game.

All the Big Score cards will be Mythics and will come in 2 different borders (Normal and Extended Art) with one different art style, called Vault Frames, which gives a Kaladesh Expedition feel to it. We have no idea what’s the final total Big Score cards in the set but we will update this article with more as we find out soon. Oh and hey, it’s standard Legal.


Normal Border

Vault Frames

Source: Scryfall

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