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22 Aug 2018

You have came to the right part of the site to know about us.

The Adventures of Vesper is a technology site that’s based in Malaysia. And we cover everything that happens in the technology realm. Not only consumer electronics like smartphones and so on but also Corporate & Enterprise technological innovations and new comings.

The name, “Vesper” is derived from the Greek God, Hesperos. And as a huge fan of the James Bond character named, Vesper Lynd, I was also given the nickname, Vesper by my friends. And ever since then, the name stuck to me. The reason why it’s called “The Adventures of Vesper” is because of the following reason.

Technology is evolving every single second, by the time we close and open our eye, there’s a change. We come across -new innovations day-to-day and it amazes in every single way. And I, being given the chance to witness every single change in the technology realm is amazing. And it’s a journey where I explore more. And that’s the reason why it’s called the Adventures of Vesper.

I am on a journey to see more technological innovation, but not just myself. But also share the journey with my readers and every single techhead out there.

Founded in March 2016 by Jaya Prithivi Raj. And it’s still going strong.

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