16 Apr 2024

The Adventures of Vesper is an online based media that covers about technology. We cover smartphones, wearables, accessories, Computers and Peripherals and even Lifestyle products that has a link to technology to it like backpack and much more. Our prime goal has been, and it is still same till today – that is to make technology understandable even for those who are still learning about it. We make it in a way that our content is understandable and easier to understand – just like how Albert Einstein once said;

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

So, we are here to make sure that we can explain it simply and still have adequate details to learn about it.

Our content is catered in way that we offer constructive feedback so that the consumer could get an idea on what exactly that they will be purchasing. This would also help the companies that we work closely with to make sure that there’s an improvement with their upcoming product as well. In fact, our content isn’t biased.

Founded in March 2016 and we are still going strong. In 2018, we also launched our Tamil Version of The Adventures of Vesper, which happens to be Malaysia’s first Tamil Tech site as well. We have plans to expand this site with an interesting column that will be happening soon, and it will be something that we have never seen in this Malaysian Tech Media circle.

Our Achievements

During our time, we have worked closely with various companies out there. Starting of with one of the companies that we closely work with, ASUS who has been supporting us and have been working together to curate unbiased content for our readers. Companies from overseas like Sudio has worked together with us twice and we have done interesting contents for their products.

Netflix, a popular Video on Demand service has also worked closely, and we still do interesting contents with them. In fact, recently – we were also sent all the way to Japan to interview and meet the cast of Lost in Space.

We have also worked (and still are working) with companies like AMD, Lenovo Mobile, Oppo, Samsung, Acer, Xiaomi, Fitbit and so much more. We have a good relationship with Public Relations in Malaysia where we can provide the content on time.

Another thing that we are proud of is the fact that we work close with our friends over at other medias like Pokde.net, NasiLemakTech and so on.

Jaya Prithivi Raj, the founder of The Adventures of Vesper was recently interviewed by TheSun Daily in May 2018, a popular newspaper in Malaysia. In fact, he was also interviewed by PR Newswire back in April 2018.

We have also expanded the site to eSports where we cover about it and we are also jumping into video production currently. In fact, we are open for collaboration with brands or even Influencers who’d like to work together. We would also love to have more brands collaborating with us and we can always talk about it over a cup of coffee.

Meet the Person behind TAV

Jaya Prithivi Raj | Founding Father Shot by RT JQ Photos

Jaya Prithivi Raj, the person who started The Adventures of Vesper both in English and Tamil. He is running the site as one man for quite some time and in fact, he is also a student who is pursuing a degree that is life related. Loves GIFs. Dark Humor. Enthusiastic. Easy to mingle and talk to. Opportunist.  He is a huge technophile – which started ever since he was 4 years old playing with his Windows ME computer hooked up to a ViewSonic CRT Monitor. Ever since then, he has a fond love for technology and tends to geek out when there’s something unique happening in the world of tech.

Meet the Team

(L to R) Jaya Prithivi Raj and Shaun Paul Lee Shot by RT JQ Photos

Having a person to help you out to bring the site to a wonderful place is a blessing. So is this guy on the right.

Shaun Paul Lee | Contributor

Shaun Paul is a contributor/writer on board with The Adventures of Vesper. He has been a part of the growing team since December 2017. He is super fun to talk to and a good team mate to work with. When it comes to work, he sure does deliver it.

Contact Us

If what you read sounds fun and if you find us exciting to work with, you can reach us out at [email protected].

Make sure to find us on our social networks:

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Vesper Mediahouse

The Adventures of Vesper is solely owned by Jaya Prithivi Raj and it is not associated or tied with any of the other Media or Company out there. For advertising and media related inquiries, do contact [email protected] for more details.

Or, fill the contact form which you can find below.

Looking forward to work with you guys and Welcome to The Adventures of Vesper. 🙂

Both the photographs in this About Us was shot by Jo Quah | RT JQ Photo. For further enquiries, contact them at their Facebook.