This is becoming normal now.
I get a package and I am not at home.

Today I actually received a package, and yes. I was not at home. So I asked someone to collect it for me. And yeah.

The thing was, I felt weird. Cuz I never received packages continuously for 2 days.
(Yes, I got a package yesterday.)

So, back to the package I got today.

Well, the moment I looked at it. It’s actually from Sony.
And I realized why I got this. But before I head to the reason why, I’ll show you what is inside the package.

So, as I opened it, I saw three things. Best part. All of the stuff inside was actually on my Wishlist.

The Adidas Brasil World Cup Sling bag, A Sony 2800 mAh Portable Charger (Power bank) and The Sony Wireless Speaker System (SRS-BTV5)

Here’s the reason why I got it.
For the past few months, there was a campaign from Sony. It was on their Mighty Xperia Z5.
And I got an email from them, asking me to join. I did. I helped. I promoted. Well, I actually love Sony Xperia Devices. Cuz I personally own 3 beast. Xperia Z Tablet, Z2 Tablet and a Z Ultra.

And I would love to support Sony  through out it’s journey. Here’s a reason why.
Sony loves their fans so much. And we get treated really good. And it’s something I have always wanted. And their products are phenomenal.

So, all I want to say is. Thank you so much Sony for sending me these goodies as a token of appreciation. I love you guys.

See you guys soon. 🙂

Alright then.

Oh so you wanna know what I got yesterday izzit?
Okay okay… Fine.

Wait for my next post.

Till then,
Signing off. 🙂

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