To all those Facebook and Messenger users…

Oh sorry. I mean the android app users.

As you might know that, Messenger has this interface which is not material enough.
(Yeap. I said it)

This one.
Well, I don’t know about you. But I hated this design so much. One of the reason is it was not smooth for a reason and so on.
Well, Worry no more as the new Messenger with the Material Design is here.
I know you guys must be like, “Lollipop came long time ago and Facebook is releasing the Material now?”
I kinda ask that question to myself. But …
It’s better late than never right? 🙂
Here’s your first look on the Material Design.
Source: Facebook
For those existing user, all you have to head over to your Google Play Store to update. And the new users who are planning to install now, Just install. Haha..
Link to the Google Play Store | Messenger : Click here
Signing Off. 🙂