What’s up guys. Had a tiring day. Classes … Damn..

So, today is surprisingly a very good day. I’d say one of the best day I had in my life. Before I tell you why, here’s the main story. It’s based on true Story.
As we all know, Xiaomi Malaysia announced their Redmi Note 3 Explorer Program in Malaysia on 29th of February 2016. So, the moment I saw their post on their official page. I got so excited. The worse part was, I was in the middle of class when they actually posted it. 
But thank god. After my class, I came back home and applied for it. 
They mentioned that they will be announcing the Selected Mi fans by 8th of March. I was actually refreshing my Facebook continuously to check whether they have chosen the Explorers.
I was actually sad and thought. Ah well… It’s okay. It depends how lucky we are. 
And today. I got to know that I was one of the Mi Explorers. 
Again in class …. -.-“

To all who registered, THANK YOU! Your support means a lot to us. If your name/Mi ID is listed here, please check your email inbox and reply us as soon as possible. Terima kasih!
Posted by Mi Malaysia on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

(Why I get these good news during the classes?) God damn it.

Ahh well…
And yeah. So I received their email. I got so excited. My friends tagged me on the post and I was like “Whooooooooooo!”…
Running around like an ADHD kid. 
Haha. Well, since there will be some cool missions that we will be performing using the Redmi Note 3. 
The first thing I will be posting is the Unboxing and quick look on my blog and stay tuned on my Facebook, Twitter and my Instagram.
Alright then!
Woo! A great start. 🙂
Will see you guys soon.
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Till then.
Signing off.