This is getting really irritating.
You see, I was at home the whole day yesterday, waiting for my package to come. The only package I knew. I’ll post about it later. And I actually left out with my Pa to have my lunch.

Guess what?

They did it again! -.-“
Called me when I was getting some stuff and yeah.

Odd thing was, I actually received another package from someone else.
Swear to god, I didnt know.

So, now I am going to cover the 2nd package that came in.

As I opened it, I actually found something interesting. It was actually a Limited Edition Starbucks Member Card preloaded.  Which is given to me as a token of appreciation from a community called “WOOP”.

For those who don’t know who’s WOOP, here’s the details.

WOOP also known as Women by Opinion (Guys use it too). is actually a Community where they take surveys and Missions for us to complete. We gain points for every mission and the best part is..

You get to redeem stuffs using those point,
such as Aeon shopping vouchers, Sony tees and many more.

And trust me these are legit stuff.

Well, for those who wants to join,
here’s the link and oh Please do drop your ID in the comments below. 🙂

Link to WOOP: Click Here
WOOP Facebook: Click Here!

Alright. Gonna cover something interesting now.
So stay Tuned!

Till then…