Evening folks. Well, yesterday Poslaju called me to collect my package. And I totally forgot that it was something I wanted for so long. Well, yeah kinda. So, I asked to drop the package at my home and I would get it.

After 5:30pm, I rushed home so excited. And saw this on my table.

Was searching for my Ceasar… 
See what I did there… hahaha
Well, first thing I saw was the craploads of courier covers… So basically the 
customs opened it. Ahh well. Doesn’t matter anyway.

Threw all the covers…
And voila.

For those who doesn’t know what is it. It’s actually called the Xiaomi Yeelight. And it’s basically like the Philips Hue Light bulb. But only affordable, a stupendous quality and awesome.

I opened it like so fast and I was actually messing with the light colors. Hahaha. It was so cool.

Oh and I did post my Review on MIUI Malaysia. 
Here’s the link to it. 
Oh and you must watch this Boomerang video I posted on the Insta. Hahaha.

Check it out.

Okay… I’m out!
Signing off.