Hey guys!
So, I was busy lately. Sorry for that. And I finally managed to make a video on the Redmi Note 3 Fingerprint sensor.

Wait. You dont know theres a fingerprint sensor?
Oh. You’re kidding. Hahaha Right.

Well, here’s a short intro about the finger print sensor.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is the first Mi phone to have a fingerprint sensor. And its is actually located behind where the camera is located. Well, below the flash to be precise. So, this fingerprint sensor actually has a chamfered circle and in the middle is the sensor itself. I know you guys might be wondering how fast is it. So here’s a video just for my Favorite Mi fans on earth! Haha. 🙂

So how was it? Cool? Haha. Okay. You guys are really excited to own one of this beast and try the fingerprint sensor all by yourself. Amirite? Haha. So, just to help you. I have actually made a video on how to register your fingerprint on your future Redmi Note 3. And here you go!

Hope you guys enjoyed it! And oh make sure share it with your friends and family yeah!
And oh, More content to come. Haha.

Till then,
This is Prithivi / Vesper
Signing off. 🙂

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