3 days ago, you guys must have seen my social Network where I teased a small product. Very small. It might not be the greatest product in the world but its a different one. I can tell you that.

As we all know, the term “selfie” is very very popular. Like literally. And we can see a lot of people on the road or off the road taking selfies. It’s good to capture memories with your loved ones and it’s actually quite fun. Sometimes when we go at night or to a darker place, literally all of our cameras tend to produce the most crappiest picture. Ever. And this is a solution for that, it’s a product from Mi. Here’s the First look and review on the Selfie LED Flashlight – IdeeBank.

As you guys saw my post on instagram, which you can see on top shows how small the box is. At the front, we can see the name of the product which is IdeeBank. 

And at the back of the box, you can see the specifications written in chinese. Literally every information is in chinese because it’s an Imported product. I’ll share the specs of this LED Flashlight in a bit.

As we open the box, these are some of the contents you can actually find inside the box. First thing is the flash itself, second is the cable which comes with the flash and the Instruction guide which shows you how to use it.

Let’s look at the flash itself. On the back we see a small button which is actually used to trigger the light and the 3.5mm jack which is inserted into the phones jack. And on to the front, we have our LED flashlight itself. And nothing much. Well, I gotta say. I admire the white glossy finish. And I am surprised how tiny it is. Its obviously a fingerprint magnet. You can see smudges on the glossy back. Can’t deny that.

Next thing is the weird looking cable. This is the 3.5mm Jack to USB Cable. You guys must be wondering, why would I wanna use the flash on my PC. I thought the same too. Until I actually connect it to my Laptop. 

This is the charging cable. This cable helps to charge your LED Flash. The red Light in the middle blinks while charging and when it doesn’t it means that it’s completely charged.

Now time to test it, I actually used it on my Xiaomi Mi4i which is my personal phone. And as I inserted the flash onto my 3.5mm Jack and turned on the flash. I got to say it’s ridiculously bright. It can literally work as a portable torchlight. I used it to light up my whole room. And it’s bright enough. One thing I like about the flash is the headphone jack on the flash. It’s is quite long and when you connect you can actually see a segment of the jack on the flash. It makes sense, cuz a lot use humongous phone cases and it actually fits in good.

Here’s my opinion on the flashlight. I like the idea on how this flash works and it’s a really nice tool for those selfie lovers out there. As you guys saw the specs I mentioned earlier, the LED is aligned in the circular way. So, that even exposure is given to all the areas in your face. One huge drawback is, it’s a white flash. There’s no dual tone LED like its competitor which is the  Asus Lolliflash. I will be grabbing one of em’ real soon and will do a comparison with these two Selfie accessories.

But I got to say, The IdeeBank is one impressive product that does not fail in getting it’s job done. The idea in this particular accessory make sense in every way possible. And it gives a nice feeling. 

Take note, This specific product is not available in Malaysia. And I asked my friend to import it for me. The price is 49 RMB in China which would be approx. RM. 30. (Excluding shipping). And I got to say that is a stupendously good price as the Asus Lolliflash comes at RM 49.

Well, thank you so much guys. If you like my review, make sure share it with your friends. If you don’t like it, make sure let me know what I can I rectify on my next review. If there’s any questions, make sure drop a comment on my Social Network or on my blog. I’ll do my best to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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Thank you so much.
And this is Prithivi Raj

Signing off.