After Finishing all my work, I am finally free to finish of my Unboxing and Review. This is one of the latest product from Mi. It’s a bluetooth Speaker. Neh. Not the rectangle looking ones. This one is a cylindrical speaker. Yep…

Let’s unbox it!

But before unboxing this product, Thanks to a friend of mine who helped me buy this speaker all the way from China. And for choosing the color I really wanted. I didn’t know black color even existed. I only knew that after he came back Malaysia. Okay. Let’s jump in!

This box is small. Well, it’s basically in a rectangle shape. Anyway… The box has a dotted design all over it. And on the back of the speaker, we see the specifications of the speaker which I don’t understand at all. But I have successfully Google Translated it correctly… So, I’ll tell you in a bit.

As you open the box, you will see the beautiful speaker in black. And I have to say. It’s way too sexy as hell. I love the small, cylindrical design. Which makes it looks sleek.

Let’s see what do we have here…

On top of the speaker, is the speaker. LOL. Wasn’t funny right? Don’t answer. You can keep it to yourself. So, The Audio driver is located on top. And there’s this chamfered design in circular, which gives it a premium look.

On the bottom, at the front. We have our LED Light. Which indicates the pairing, charging and if the battery is about to die, you’ll get notified as well. But there’s something cooler than the LED Light. I’ll tell you in a bit.

And on the back, we have our I/O. It’s a Micro USB. Take note, the speaker does not come with a cable, you’ll have to use your own cable. Which wouldn’t be a problem.

On the bottom of the speaker, we see our Mi logo. Uhh… I mean the Mi logo. And some details written on it. The model and so on.

Now, about the specs.
The speaker has a1200 mAh Battery in it, which gives you 7 hours playback. The speaker is made by the company called Tymphany, who have 80+ Years of experience and they make great Professional Speakers. The material is made up of PC + ABS. Finally in terms of Connectivity, it has a Bluetooth v4.1 in it.

As we have unboxed and looked at the speaker. Let’s review this speaker. I have been testing is for 1 – 2 week now. And I can give my full opinion.

Pairing my Mi 5 with the speaker is very easy. Because here’s the coolest part. The speaker actually has a built in voice notification. Where it tells you when it’s in pairing mode, connected, or disconnected. Pretty neat. Downside, It’s in chinese.

I played quite a number of songs on it and I have to say that this speaker has it all. You don’t see a speaker this small handling treble, bass and maintaining the exact beat of the song. It get’s really loud and there is no sound distortion when playing it at the maximum volume. Which is a great thing. You can use your phone to control the volume, play and pause.

You can do that on your speaker. In style… I mean it.

Here’s how it works.
On top of the speaker (where the driver is located), is your button and your volume knob. Which gives the speaker, the legit minimalistic design.

Pressing and holding will turn on and off the speaker. Pressing twice, enables pairing mode. Thats when you pair your phone, tablet or any other device with it. And finally, turning the top of the speaker controls the volume.

Pretty dope eh? And now you know why this speaker got the iF Design Award for 2016. Haha..

One thing, I just don’t seem to like about this speaker is in terms of features. An inclusion of aux input would be nice. And other companies out there who makes speaker in this similar small form factor has one feature I like. When you own two of the same speaker, you can actually pair it to each other to give a stereo effect. But that can set a higher price point. So it’s alright.

But other than that, the price for this speaker is a bang for the buck. You won’t regret it. I am really impressed to see so much power and stupendous performance in this small package.

The price of this speaker is RMB 129, which is around RM 80 ringgit. But excluding shipping and the cost for importing. It’s not available in Malaysia officially. But I gotta say, it’s worth the buy.

And that’s all folks. Thank you so much for reading this review. Be sure to share it with your audiophile family members or friends. Or even to a friend who wants to buy a nice bluetooth speaker for his / her party. Haha.

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P.S. I know you guys are waiting for the Mi 5 review. But there’s a lot of stuff for me to do. So, I hope that I can post it real soon. Thank you so much for being this patient with me.

Alright then… So I’ll see you soon.
This is Prithivi Raj / Vesper

Signing off.