On Wednesday, you saw a post from me on the Roidmi Bluetooth Car Charger 2S. In case you didn’t, I’ll drop my link here below and you can check it out before reading the full review.

And here’s my Review on the Roidmi 2S. Let’s dive in.

As I have told you guys earlier, the Roidmi 2S is a smart car accessory. Which enables you to interact with your phone without even using it. Here’s how it works.

First thing, you have to go to the Play store to download the Roidmi App. Then, you have to follow the steps accordingly in your device on how to pair. The screenshots of the setup is below.

And setting up is fairly easy. No issue pairing with the bluetooth. Works like a charm. I don’t know about you guys, but at first it made me think how does it work. And I actually found out thanks to my friend who actually told me.

It will ask you to set a broadcasting FM frequency. Tap recommended and it will show you a frequency. Once you are done with that, go to your car player and then set your frequency to that channel. And that’s it. Now what ever song you play, will be sent to the Roidmi via Bluetooth and then Roidmi will broadcast it in a particular FM frequency, which you will be listening on your car’s FM Radio.

Honestly, I have seen devices like this before but Roidmi’s concept is simplistic enough. And very easy. All the audio content plays really good. One thing I tried and didn’t work was the shake to change song. But it worked when my friend tried his. So, I suppose it’s a glitch.

Call handling with the built in Mic in the Roidmi is cool. But one thing. The quality of your call depends on where the car cigarette slot is. The lower it’s located, the higher chance of not hearing properly by the other person in the line.

Navigation, Assistant & Broadcasting is really nice. The response is good and though there is a delay because the cigarette slot in my car is located down under, it still picks up my voice and gives me a good response.

Finally one thing I really love about this device, the voltage management. It literally shows how much voltage is passing into the Roidmi 2S and its really really good. They categorize under two car types. So let’s say you own a big car. You can use the big car and if you own a small car, then small car it is.

My overall opinion on this Roidmi 2S.

Honestly, I really like the features that the Roidmi 2S packs in that small, premium body. I will definitely use it for streaming music on it and listen to it via the FM. But one thing, I will not use it for is the call feature. Since it is using the FM frequency. I have a feeling when lets say, someone beside you or the car beside you can hear you if they tune to that FM of yours by accident.

So, that’s the only one thing that bothers me. But other than that, that’s all I guess. This Roidmi 2S is a bang for your buck!

– Awesome Build
– Feels Premium
– An app to control the device
– Responsiveness on point
– Feature packed

– Call Feature
– Even after turning on Denoise, still could hear some noise.

In case you guys really want to buy it, Roidmi is having their Indiegogo campaign and I’ll leave the link to it down below and you guys can back up them and get your Roidmi 2S and Have fun with it!

Link to the Indigogo Campaign:

Take care. And I’ll catch you guys with another review real soon. Again, Huge thanks to Roidmi for sending this review unit all the way from china! You guys are awesome. 🙂

Till then,
This is Prithivi Raj / Vesper

Signing off.