Haha. Yes. It’s the unboxing of the Xiaomi Mi 5. And no joke its real. Before I head into the unboxing, for those who don’t know. Mi 5 is the latest flagship from the popular chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. And this phone got a lot of attention since the day of announcement at the Mobile World Congress which was held in Barcelona.

Before we head into the Unboxing, in case you guys want to take a look at the specs and other interesting information, I did a post long while back with my friend’s Mi 5. And make sure you check that out by clicking below.

Okay. Let’s not waste anytime and get right into it.

The box looks fairly similar to the Redmi Note 3 / Hongmi Note 3 which I reviewed a while back. On the front we see 4 colors that is available on the base model, which is what I am reviewing now. And the name of the phone written in Chinese. On the side of the box, we have our Mi Logo. 

And on the back we have our specifications and our serial numbers etc., As you see here, the variant I am unboxing is the 3GB RAM + 32 GB ROM.

As you open the box, what you see is the phone it self. And the color I got is black. And really it’s beautiful. Feels premium, kinda scary to hold because the back is glass. So it’s kinda slippery. And since its black I don’t have to worry bout seeing smudges as most of the time it kinda looks as if its undercover.

Anyways. Back to the unboxing. Under the phone, we can see the USB Type C Cable and the Power Brick. This phone quick charging is stupid fast. Can’t tell much as I only got the phone yesterday. And not to mention the Chinese manual & PIN for the SIM Slot.

And that’s pretty much everything you’ll find inside the box.

Other than that, I am pretty excited and I find it hard to digest that I have a Mi 5 with me finally. And to be honest, I am blessed to get this opportunity to give my thoughts and opinion on my dream phone which I have waited for years. 🙂

Well, stay tuned to my Social Network. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Because I will be using the Mi 5 as my daily driver for 2 weeks from now and will be posting lots and lots of content from my Mi 5. Thank you so much for your lovely support guys. Without you guys, I am nothing. 🙂

Until then,
This is Prithivi Raj
Signing off.

*** Note: This is not a Malaysian Unit or an Indian Unit or what so ever. And the only pricing available is in Mi China. ***

Here’s some shots of the phone from every angle possible.