Hey folks. Today I am actually here with an Interesting post. Yes, It’s on the 1More’s recently released MK-802 Over – Ear headphones. I had some time to play with the headphones. So let’s not waste any time and get right into it.

For those who don’t know. 1More is a audio company, based in China. As of the moment, they are in quite a number of countries, including US. And it’s an Independent company. People who use Xiaomi products, must have seen their name on the case or the headphones. Because both of the companies partnered up to make audio accessories for Mi. But today, we are not looking at those. Instead, we are actually looking at 1More’s very own headphones which is sold under their site.

Let’s not waste any time and get right into it.

As we see over here, we have this huge packaging of those over ear headphones. On the front, we have the matte finish along with the glossy picture of the headphones, the model of the headphones on the bottom left and the branding on it.

Here’s the close up shot of the box.

On the back we have the specifications of the headphones. This variant in particular we are looking at is actually the highest variant.

Below you will be able to see the close up image with the specification of the Over-Ear Headphones.

As we remove the box from the sleeve, you can see that beautiful finish box. With that wave, and the 1More name. If you can’t see, I am sorry. Because when I took this shot, the lighting was messing up.

As we unbox, we see the headphones itself and a box on top. Honestly, this is probably my first time having a clean unboxing without one single mess. Well, I had the same feeling when I unboxed my Electra 2 years ago… So yeah. Anyways, let’s see what we have inside the box.

The small rectangle / cuboid shaped box consist of three materials. We have the cables, Instructions and the carrying case for this headphones.

Inside the box, we have the soft carrying case / travel case, for you to store your headphones when its not in use.

You get two cables. One is a Micro USB, for charging and a cable with built in remote + mic.

And finally, here’s the headphone… All in its glory. Since it is the highest variant, I will show you around what this headphone has. The MK – 802 we are looking at is the red color with a matte finish. Simple. Sexy. I am a person who is really into matte finish. That’s one reason why I like my Razer Electra, which is my current daily over ear driver.

First thing is the button layout. You can find the button on the Right side of the headphones. So, here’s some of the buttons we see. From the top to bottom, the first one is the power switch, volume up button, Play/Pause – Call button, volume down button and then a special button. It’s the 1More button.

What this button does is, it will actually triggers the 1More app in your paired device which will give you the options to customize the listening experience to your likings. Sadly, I didn’t test that one as I wanted to see how it performs under the default settings.

On to the bottom of the two earcups, we see two slots. On the left is the micro USB port for charging your headphone and onto the right is the headphone jack which helps you to connect to the device via cable which is included in the box as well.

Talking about earcups, its labelled L and R inside for easy identification which side goes where. And the ear cup has a better feel than the Mi Headphones Pro. This one in particular feels like a memory foam.

On the left side, there’s this interesting switch, labelled as bass. This is for those bass lovers. There’s actually three levels of switch. Low, medium and high.

And on to the part where it joins the headphones. That is the slider and you can move the headphone depending on your comfortability. And one interesting part is that the cups can move in a way that it fits nice and snug.

Finally, the headband, it has this padding which is very satisfying. Gives that memory foam feel. And you can see the signature, 1More Design written under the band.

The headphone has a beautiful metal finish with chamfered design which adds premium feel to it and the overall build is quite sturdy. One thing which is actually scary is the way you wear it. Since it’s a metal build, if by any chance you pull the headphones with a huge stress on it. Your headphone might be damaged in terms of shape. Distorted.

Now, let’s see here’s my opinion on the sound quality.

This headphone has something called the AptX by csr. Audiophiles, I know you guys know what is it. I’ll just share what is it. AptX is a high quality Bluetooth music audio codec. This helps you to give that same audio experience as you listen by connecting to the device using wire over Bluetooth. I have tried a lot of Bluetooth headphones in my life. And my personal favorite which held up pretty good is Sony h.ear Bluetooth variant and Senheiser Momentum. And I have to say, 1More’s MK-802 has done a great job in this. The reason why I really want to see this in Bluetooth headphones is because some headphones can lose the audio quality, might have some audio distortion and connectivity issues. But this one was great.

In terms of sound quality, I tried the headphones with few of my songs which is in my Soundcloud playlist. And other songs from my Apple Music library. One word, very nice. I like the way the headphone responded to mids and lows. And it was close to perfect. There wasn’t any tinny sound or flat. The bass gave me the right amount I wanted. And of course I can tweak it to my liking if I want to. But the stock experience is way more better. Listening to FLAC Audio with a DAC, is a bliss.

And on the cable, it was pretty good too. No compromise in sound and yes, my custom equalizer was enabled. In which the bass level is high. And wow, it handled like a boss.

I know, too much for a first impression. Right? Haha.

One thing I wish is, instead of giving a soft carrying pouch. They could have made a Hard shell. So that the headphones would be safe and sound when you place in your bag.

Yep, and that’s about it. Will be buying my own pair real soon. But not now as I am busy with a lot of stuff at the moment. And I will give my full review, when I get my own one soon. It will take a while to own my very own pair of 1More’s over ear headphones.

I am looking for my next pair of headphones, and let’s see 1More’s MK-802 makes it on to the list.

By the way, it’s not over. I have another 1More product that I unboxed along with the 802. Wanna know which one is it?

Stay tuned to my social network for more information. As always, thank you so much for reading this and I will catch you guys real soon.

This is Prithivi Raj / Vesper
Signing off.

P.S. There might be a mandarin version of this post. Coming soon. 🙂

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