In case you guys don’t know, OnePlus didn’t only make stupid crazy phones but they also had their own line of accessories. One of them is the OnePlus Silver Bullets. I’ve been using this since February 2015, and here’s my opinion.

Before I share my opinion, I’ll just give an unboxing of what inside it.

As you see in the front of the box, you could see the OnePlus logo on the top right corner and the Silver Bullet picture on top of it. On the back we have the specifications of the in ear headphones.

As you unbox, these are the contents. I’ll go from left to right.

On the left is obviously the box. In the middle, we have our replacement ear tips & User Manual which is not just only in Mandarin but also in English. Which is really great. And to the right, we have the silver bullets in a case.

Let’s talk about the build quality.
The earpiece is made up of brushed aluminium. So, it’s build is pretty good. Compared to other in ear that I have tried as of now, this is probably the lightest of all. The wire is made up of TPE. And it feels good. But then in terms of durability, there might be some serious problem. And the remote is located along with the right side earpiece.

And It comes with a translucent, hard shell case. Which is great. Comparing to other cases, like the ones that comes with Xiaomi Piston V2/V3. I love OnePlus shell case. Reason being, the case is really small. Yes it is. And keeping your headphones after listening on the train or anywhere, it’s just so easy to pop it and keep it back in without any hassle. And let’s say you kept it under some bunch of heavy books or any material in your bag. That hard shell is not going to break at all. That keeps the headphone life even longer.

And now, on to my opinion.

OnePlus Silver Bullets, they sound good. I get to enjoy the natural sound of the song. The mids are really good and the Silver Bullets can really handle lows as well. It has bass, but it doesn’t have that “OOMPH” factor. Which kinda is a bummer. But wait till you connect your Silver Bullet to a Unofficial CyanogenMod ROM running device (In my case, it’s my Sony Xperia L running CM 12) or OnePlus One, which has CyanogenMod. The AudioFX in Cyanogen or the MaxxAudio in OnePlus One’s Cyanogen.

You get to tweak and mess with the sound. And the bass can blow your head off. Literally. Taking over control of the way you listen, is something cool. You get to set to your preferred way of sound profile and jam to your favorite sessions.

The earpiece doesn’t fall off at all. Reason, it does not only fit nice and snug but also thanks to its light aluminium body, it is balanced in weight and the designers have done a great job on it.
The remote: It’s located along with the right earpiece. So, let’s say in the dark if you want to find which is left and right, it will be easy. The buttons are clicky and responsive. And it’s fragile too.

I saw a crack in my remote after 6 months of intense non stop usage. Though it didn’t fall apart or something, It was fragile because it’s made up of plastic. But other than that, the buttons still worked when clicking. One thing that I really hoped they improved.

And onto my Final Question.
“Is it still worth it?”

My answer is yes. In this current market, finding a really great quality in ear headphones is neither easy nor tough. But it’s always good to keep your options wide. And the OnePlus Silver Bullets is a great choice to consider. You get a really nice designed product. And one of my favorites in my top 10 Favorite sounding In ear headphones.

It feels great, sounds great, comes with a really nice hard shell. Right now it is sold for around for $ 15.99. Which would be around RM 60+ when you convert it. For this price, I totally recommend the OnePlus Silver Bullets. You can click here to get a pair for yourself.

As always thank you so much guys and I’ll catch you all real soon.
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And have a nice day. 🙂

This is Prithivi Raj/Vesper

Signing off.