Few days back, I posted the first 1More product I ever unboxed. It was the 1More MK-802 Over – ear Headphones. And if you didn’t read that, be sure to click the link below to check it out.

Today, I am going to unbox and give you the first impression on 1More’s active In Ear Bluetooth headset. This particular headset is targeted toward athletes, well more to people who works out and making their session not productive but also mess free. Let’s not waste any time and get right into it.

On the front of the box, we have the 1MORE logo on the top left corner and you can see the person in the picture wearing the headset. Simple and clean matte finish.

On the back of the box, we have all the specifications and the features which is available with this particular headset. One of my favorite is that this IPX4 certified. It’s splash proof. Not waterproof. And it has all the goodness found in the MK – 802. Apt X codec and a whooping 240 hours. I doubt that other headset like this has this longer standby time.

Above here, you can see a close up shot of the specifications and more details.

Now let’s unbox! The box has a really cool looking finish just like the MK-802. And in this picture, you can clearly see the Company’s logo printed on the box and the name. Which I think is pretty neat.

On the left side, you see the accessories and other sort of stuff and on the right we have the headset itself, in cherry red. And a silver color flap, which we will be looking what’s inside it real son. But before that, let’s look what is in the left side of the box.

On the left, we have a small carrying soft case for your headset to keep it safe from getting scratches and any kinds of damage.

And we have our paperwork such as the instruction guide to find out how this headset works and other necessary information.

Now on to the headset. As we open up the flap. We see two extra stuff that is needed. One is the eartips with different sizes, S, M, L respectively. And a Micro USB Cable for you to charge the 1More headset when there’s no juice.

Next up, the Look and feel. The build quality is on point. Every part of it feels really different and build like a tank. Let’s say if you drop it, you won’t be seeing any pieces shattering from it. You can see the nice looking L and R, to find out which side should it go. The black with red theme is kinda cool, but incase if you don’t like the red color, 1More has you covered. There’s one stealth black looking headset which is beautiful too.

And now the remote. We have three buttons, 1 LED light and a Micro USB Port. Pressing and holding the middle button will actually power up the headset and you are ready to go to pair with your phone or any other devices via bluetooth.

I only listened to one or two song and I have to say, It gave me a weird sensation. Not sure whether the pre installed ear tips was giving me that feel or may be I was wearing wrongly. So, I won’t be able to give a short impression on this headset without owning one. And I don’t want to come to a conclusion just testing it for like an hour. Let’s hope, by august. I’ll be able to get the two 1More products and test it out completely to give my final verdict on the product.

As always thank you so much for reading this article and please do share it with everyone who is an audiophile out there. And thank you so much to 1More for letting me have it for the night and test it out. Means the world to me.

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