Hey hey hey! What’s up guys? I have something exciting today. One of the device that I was pretty excited to review. I got the Flash Plus 2 (2GB RAM Variant) from my good friends at TechENT, to give you guys my full review on it. But you’ll have to wait for that later on. This is the Unboxing and First Impression of the Flash Plus 2.

In case you guys don’t know who Flash is. Flash is a mobile brand under TCL Communication Technology Holding Limited based on online sales business model. You might remember the company called Alcatel. Yes. The company who made the OneTouch Series. Probably one of the nicest devices at an affordable price tag. (Which is no longer available as they dropped the OneTouch branding) And this time, we have the Flash Plus 2. Affordable smartphones with Amazing Specifications. Let’s see what’s inside. 🙂


First thing first, on the front of the box. We have the Flash Plus 2 logo and two fingerprint made to look like a heart. Creative.

On the back of the box, we have the Flash Community QR Code and the website to their community which looks cool. Below that we have all those informations such as Recycle and many more. One particular one is that they have this hearing caution note, where it suggests you to avoid listening at high volume which could cause hearing disabilities. And the classic “Designed and Manufactured by TCL Communications Technology”. We also have a serial number on the side.

Now, let’s crack this baby open.

As soon as you open, you’ll see the gorgeous Flash Plus 2 device which we’ll check it out in a bit.

We have some user manuals. First one is the Welcome to Flash Community card, A quick start guide showing on how to insert your SIM and SD cards and the location of every single button on the phone and finally, the Safety and Warranty information where you could read about the radiation and more. Good thing you included that so people won’t go around googling about it.

Below the tray, we have the two most essential stuff and you might probably have a lot lying around your home. Haha.

The USB Adapter, in which where you connect your cable to charge your phone. The product website says that the adapter actually has Flash Charging, similar to a Quick Charge technology. I’ll will be testing out soon. I like the flash logo to the touch on the adapter. I know… Sometimes, the smallest touch gives a big difference.

And the one and only, Micro USB Cable. We meet again son. The quality of the USB adapter is pretty solid enough. It has this rough material on it so, you’d barely notice any scratches on it. And the cable, it’s good. Doesn’t feel way too cheap or something.

Sadly, you don’t get any earphones with the phone. But I think that shouldn’t be a problem. Well, that’s all the stuff you get in the box along with the phone itself. So, let’s take a look and let me give my First Impression on this device.

First Impression:

This phone feels great in hand. I’m surprised to see that we came to a time where Metal build phones are no longer expensive and everyone can get to feel and own one. It screams premium. On the front, we have capacitive touch buttons. But the home button is also a Fingerprint sensor. Neat. On top of that, we have the earpiece for calls, LED light for notifications and sensors such as proximity and so on. Also, we have a front facing 5MP camera with Flash. Not bad. It’s a cold tone flash. But it would do.

We have a 5.5” Full HD Display with 401 ppi. Not bad. The colors are pretty saturated and nice to look at. And the viewing angle is about 160 degree. There’s a very minimal amount of color shift when you look at higher angle. Not too bad. But it’s pretty noticeable.

On the back of the device, We have the 13MP AFS with f/2.0 and a dual tone flash. Below the camera, we have the flash branding on the brushed metal back which does not only look good but also feel good. And on the lower part, we have the speaker. Bottom, Micro USB port. Top, Headphone Jack.

To the sides. On one side, we have the volume rocker and the power button. It’s kinda odd to see the power button located way up top. Kinda uncomfortable and might need some time to get used to it. You’ll also see that camera bump too.

And on the other side, It’s clean. But you guys might be wondering, How am I supposed to insert the SIM and SD card?

Here’s the best part, this phone has a removable Metal back where you could insert your SD card and SIM. You could use Dual SIM without sacrificing the SD Card as it has it’s own independent slot. Adding on to that, you can see the 3000 mAh battery which I will be testing out in my day to day usage.

To be honest, I really like the phone. For a phone with 5.5” screen, it sure does feel small and comfortable in hands. I kinda like it. And the Brushed metal back is smooth, and you could feel the texture. So when you hold it in your hand, it’s hard to slip out of your hand.

The phone runs Android 6.0. Stock. Pure android. God. I am a huge fan of pure android and its good to be back using it. Nothing fancy, it has extra softwares like fotor and other one or 2 which can be uninstalled. The specification. I have talked about it in my previous post on the Flash Plus 2, so you guys could check that out for more.

And yeah, that’s about the Unboxing and the First Impression of the Flash Plus 2. I will be using this as my daily driver for 2-3 days just to see how it feels and how it handles all my day to day task. May be some Vesper style stuff such as VR and I am definitely testing that Hi-Fi audio capability in this phone.

As always, thank you so much for reading this guys. And huge thanks to my friends at TechENT for hooking me up with the 2GB Variant. Giving me an opportunity to try and review the device. Be sure to check out their website where they post cool reviews and article on tech and more! With out them, I guess it’s impossible for me to test this device out. 🙂 Link to their site below.

So, I shall meet you guys soon with my review.

This is Prithivi Raj / Vesper

Signing off! 🙂

Update, 6:34 p.m. – 17th August 2016,

After checking out the real hardware under the hood using CPU-Z and Hardware Info. Looks like the Front Facing Camera is 8MP (8.3 to be precise). We are not sure whether it’s a software issue but we will be confirming with you folks real soon.