What’s up folks. It’s been a while. And today, something came in the mail. And it’s the successor to the Mi Band 1S a.k.a. Pulse, which was released quite some time ago. It’s the Mi Band 2. And I got one on my hands just this Morning. So, let’s not waste any time and crack this baby open.


As you could see, it has that classic Mi Band box ever since the first generation. On the front, it has a clean finish and the Mi logo.

And onto the back, we have the specifications of the Mi band 2 and the supported OS Version.

After removing the plastic wrap and opening the box, we see the Mi band 2 Module itself. And lifting up the cover will show you on how to remove the Module from the box. I am glad that this time it’s easy to remove. Unlike last time, to remove it from the box was … (You know what I mean)

And below we have the Band itself, Manual and the charging cable. Obviously, you can’t use the previous band from your Pulse / the basic. And yeah. That’s pretty much it.

First Impression:

The module itself is new because this particular ones has a very small OLED display on a big body. And below the display, there’s this circle shaped brushed design which looks beautiful. I thought it was a button where you press, but it’s actually a touch panel where you tap to see the stats & time. On the back, we have the heart rate monitor and the Mi logo at the bottom. We dont have any other writings such as the serial number.

Now, onto the band where you insert the Mi band. The band got wider and the pin at the bottom has the same brushed design, which gives a premium touch. I didn’t like this particular band because it feels a bit weirder than the Pulse’s Band (which I haven’t use it by the way). But yeah.

Either way, if you worry whether its suitable for Sensitive skin. It is. The band is still made with one of the worlds best thermoplastic elastomers. It is still anti-UV, anti- microbial and anti-allergic. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Apparently I can’t comment on how it works (is it any better than the Pulse) and more, but I heard that the pedometer algorithm has been improved. And the heart rate monitor itself. Battery life is shorter and take note. It’s not waterproof. It’s IP67. Dustproof and protected in immersions between 15cm to 1m.

Well, I won’t be doing my review any time soon. Because I want to test it like my daily driver for a month at least. So, I will be able to give you my Honest Opinion and share whether it’s worth the upgrade from the Pulse and so on.

And I hope to see you guys on my next post which will be tomorrow. So stay tuned. Follow me on my social network. Any further question, please drop down in the comments below yeah! 🙂

And I will catch you guys soon.

This is Prithivi Raj / Vesper
Signing off.