Few days back, I attended Sony’s Sound Stage event where they were launching their new series of Audio products. And I got the chance to take a look at a lot of products like the Signature Series, Extra Bass, h.ear on series and many more. And also I fell in love with one too. So, hold on to your seats and fasten your seatbelts as this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Sony Signature Series:

Sony Signature Series, I call it the Audiophile’s Holy Grail. In case you guys didn’t know, Sony unveiled these products at IFA 2016 a while back. What makes it stand out from others is that it offers studio quality listening experience at the palm of your hand with their new player and also does not let you listen but feel the rhythm.

The first product on their list is their MDR-Z1R Hi Res Audio Stereo Headphones. God, opening the box really gives you that chills. What makes the Z1R unique is that, this is the first headphones to have a 70mm magnesium dome HD driver units. This helps producing frequencies up to 120kHz with that high acoustic velocity and internal loss.

These headphones are manufactured in the heart of Sony, Japan. They make it in Japan because of one reason. That is to give the best quality possible and assurance in performance. If you notice when you see the earcup, you’ll see this pattern. It’s not just for looks. For those maths geek out there, you’ll know this. It’s a fibonacci sequence. It gives you that ultra high frequencies with that smoothness. There’s this new 4.4mm balanced connection, genuine leather earpads and bands and a lightweight titanium headband for that comfortable feeling on your head.

Second one is the, Sony WM1Z Walkman Hi Res Audio Player. This player, is heavy. And oh, here’s some interesting things about this player. First thing is that, they ditched the Android OS and went for their own OS and its more to gestures than button. I like gestures. This particular gold color ones has a Oxygen Free Chassis and literally every single component has been refined in a way that it produces warm and natural acoustics. It has a new balanced connection up top, and it has a Native DSD support (11.2MHz)! Whoooooooo! If you don’t know what’s DSD, there is NO WORDS to describe. YOU HAVE to listen to know it. It has a 256GB Internal Storage and on top of that, you get an SD card slot too.

They also have another variant, Sony NW-WM1A Walkman Hi Res Audio Player. This player is like a entry version to the WM1Z. Few noticeable difference is that it comes in an aluminum chassis. The internal storage is 128GB and you can expand it too. Has all the goodness as the WM1Z, like the Native DSD support, 4.4mm balanced connection and so on.

Both of these Walkman has Hi Res Audio support (Duh.), S-Master HX, DSEE HX, Bluetooth, LDAC and NFC.

Finally, The Sony TA-ZH1ES Hi Res Audio Headphone Amplifier. D.A. Hybrid Amplifier circuit with enhanced S-Master HX technology, advanced signal processing technology through further development of DSEE HX and DSD Remastering Engine. Tough Frame-Beam-Wall chassis structure helps eliminate vibration. Acoustically tuned panel composing of differing metals of steel and aluminium to control vibration and resonance. Double layered bottom place with great structural integrity, Compatible with a lot of balanced headphones, also has the new 4.4mm Balanced Connection standard and it also supports a huge variety of audio source equipment and audio formats.

That’s all about the Signature series. As I’ve mentioned earlier, these products are meant for those who take music seriously. And these products comes at a hefty price tag. But it’s worth owning one if you listen to your music with all your heart and soul in it.

Now moving on to other products. This particular one, I actually fell in love with.

Sony NC: MDR-1000X

These are Sony’s all new Noise Cancelling headphones. And it is the best pair of NC Headphones I’ve tried in my entire life. It’s catered like the way I want it to be. Comes in two colors, black and Ivory. Sexy looking.

The headphones has 4 buttons on it. The Power switch, Noise Cancelling and the Ambient Sound Mode. What makes MDR-1000X stand out is their new features like the Quick attention. If someone is talking to you but you dont want to take your headphone of your ears, yet you still want to listen to what they are saying… All you have to do is cover the right side of your headphone and it lowers the song volume and you can listen you what the other person is saying.

The touch panel on the right earcup lets you Play/Pause, Switch songs and Increase/Decrease the volume. This is smart and innovative. The sound quality is great. You get all the goodness from an Hi Res Headphone because MDR-1000X is also one of em.

I’ll definitely buy one sooner or later.

Sony Walkman NW-A30

These are their new Walkman. So this time they’ve included a touchscreen instead of that button navigation. It comes in 5 vibrant colors and you can pick one player from the stores. Has a 3.1” touchscreen and has two variants, A35 comes with 16GB internal and the A36HN comes with 32GB. You can expand the memory using an MicroSD card. And nice thing is that it supports Hi-Res Audio like DSD.

Sony PS-HX500

I waited for months… for this particular product to arrive here in Malaysia. And it came. I saw. I loved it. This is a turntable with Hi Res Audio Recording. You can convert your vinyl audio to Hi Res audio, so that you can enjoy the same hi quality audio on the go. You can even get that DSD and LPCM Hi-Res Files. And it’s just gorgeous. It goes well with the Hi Res Audio system like the Sony CAS-1. One of my favorite Hi Res Player. Because it’s compact and nice.

Other than all these product, we got to see the Extra Bass series where they had the Portable speakers like SRS-XB3, GTK-XB7 and many more. They also had the h.ear on series for display. And the waterproof Walkman, which I did a review a while back. You can check that out below. 🙂

If you remember the MDR-1A, there’s a limited edition that’s being sold in Malaysia. There’s only like 10 Units. So, make sure you check that out. It’s dope, I gotta tell you that.

I really had a great time at the Sound Stage because I got try out their new products but also my personal favorites which is on my wishlist for quite some time. I’ll be buying it. I’ll do my best to get the MDR-1000X and give you guys my full review on it. Followed by other products too.

As always, thank you so much for reading this guys. And I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share it with your friends who loves music so much haha. And feel free to follow on my social network and Like my facebook page yeah for more interesting articles.

This is Prithivi Raj / Vesper
Signing off! 🙂