Hey folks. As you guys know that I did an unboxing on 2 of the headphones from a company called 1More. They make phenomenal sounding headphones and it’s price is too good to be true. And earlier, I had the chance to unbox… well. My friend to Unbox 1More’s In Ear Headphones 1M301. Let’s not waste any time and get right into it!


Instead of writing the unboxing, here’s the Unboxing video on the 1More In ear headphones.

First Impression:

That unboxing experience was up to my expectation.

First off, we have a Magnetic Carrying case for the headphones. So that you don’t have to carry it in your pocket and end up with a tangled ones. And the carrying case is pretty big for an in ear headphone with that size. It’s good.

We have this headphone clip. It has this brushed look on it to give that premium look and you see the 1More branding printed on the aluminium clip. I like headphone clips but this particular clip that comes with the headphones, I use it but I’m not a huge fan of it.

And we get a bunch of Instruction manuals that gives you information about the headphones and also, you get a 1MORE sticker too! I love stickers and this one is definitely cute.

Now on to the star of the show, the headphone itself. So, it comes in this plastic case that let’s you store your headphones safely from any damages. And this one is in Space grey in color. I have to say, it feels premium. The moment you hold it in your hands, you’ll feel how good it’s built.

The red highlight gives the headphone a Tron look which I love so much. It comes with a M sized earbuds. But if its too big or too small, you get to pick from their other three extra sets. XS, S and L. Not a lot of headphones include XS. It’s good to see they include one.

Now the question that you guys have been waiting for…

How does it sound?

For a $30 – 40 dollar in ear headphones, it sounds impressive. The bass is so nice that when every time the beat drops, it’s intense. The headphone driver was able to touch those points where other pairs couldn’t do. The headphones had a trouble reaching lows but it did a good job.

Other than that, the headphone fits nice in ear. The curved design is pretty on point. Clean to the touch. And the 1More branding is normal.

Talk about the In line Remote… I know that iPhone users might be wondering. Will it support? If you are using a 7 or 7 Plus, forget it. Because there’s no headphone jack. If you happen to use 6S and below, just because you don’t have the heart to let go of the jack… It works.

Android users shouldn’t have any problems either.

If you happen to be looking for a decent pair of headphones that doesn’t break your bank, look no further. 1More 1M301 is probably one of the best pairs you can get in the market. But it also depends whether it’s available at where you’re living. And few months back I did an article on 2 other 1More headphones, you can check that out in the links below!

And yeah. That’s about it. Huge thanks to my friend who unboxed the headphones and help me shoot it. And to the people out there who’s reading my blog, thank you so much for reading this post on 1More. Means the world to me. Be sure to follow me on my social network, so that you can follow some of the insider look at my upcoming review.

And I’ll catch you guys in my next article / YouTube Video

This is Prithivi Raj / Vesper
Signing off. 🙂

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