So, you wanna travel abroad for Vacation and also want to own a New Smartphone to capture memories. But just doesn’t seem to go right. Fret not, Flash’s here to the rescue. Now, if you happen to buy a Flash Plus 2 from offline stores, you’ll get a RM100 Travel Package Discount.

What makes it more interesting when travelling with a Flash Plus 2 is that it has a perfect blend of hardware and software. It has a metal framework that gives a rich look, and fingerprint sensor that lets you protect your phone and unlock with ease, Fast charging and HiFi while configured with the Helio P10 Processor, 5.5” screen and the Pure Android M Operating System.
Here’s why the Flash Plus 2 will be an awesome companion on your travel. With the camera that has PDAF and contrast focusing with a whooping 0.1s of focal alignment, you can just capture moments like a boss without worrying about missing one. And you can indulge your favorite artists with the HiFi chip that amplifies and makes your listening experience worthy.
You can get it in two colors, Luna Silver and Venus Gold. The metal rear case went through multiple complex process like horizontal brushed metal surface and twice anodic oxidation, among others, coupled with fine details in the phone body to produce a truly beautiful phone.
Starting October 24, 2016, the RM100 Travel Package Discount Voucher will be given out when you purchase a Flash Plus 2, in stores! Customers will only be eligible to receive the RM100 voucher when they purchased their Flash Plus 2 in stores.

Customers who have purchased their Flash Plus 2 in store can log in to Packist (Click Here) to complete your redemption of the RM100 travel discount. is a registered licensed travel agency, and offers travel packages that you can redeem in part with the voucher.

Only available for a limited time, please log on to and locate the nearest offline store. The offer stands, while stocks last.