Hey folks, earlier this month. Kingmax sent their new product that stands out from the rest of their product. And this particular one is a Smart Health Device. It analyses the air quality around you and creates this precaution to stay healthy. This is the Full detailed review of the Kingmax AirQ Check. Huge thanks to Kingmax for sending this all the way from Taiwan. Let’s Begin.

I have covered the unboxing and the short version of the full detailed review in my YouTube Video, so click play if you want to watch that. Sorry for that so many “Umm” I’ve used in the video. Heh.

Design & Looks:

The device itself looks great in Hands. It’s small in size and looks exactly like a portable pen drive that you carry with you. Which is great because you can just keep it in your bag without worrying about anything. The build quality of this product is fine. Has this Plastic finish with the black and silver accent. The rough pattern on the body gives you that grip when you want to plug into the port itself. The air inlet hole is located on the sides which is fine but as long as you don’t block it then it’s alright.
The slide to open mechanism is really nice has this different way to protect the micro usb and also store it safely.
Here’s what this device offers:
Micro USB Type B
TVOC Types
Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Alcohol, Amine, CO etc.,
1 Year
Operating System
Supports Android 6.0 and below Android 5.0, 4.1
(But make sure your device support OTG connection via the Micro USB Port)
LED Gas Level Indicator
Green: Fresh
Orange: Moderate
Red: Poor
Talk about features, here’s what the device can detect:
What it does is that, it checks the level of vapor in the Air. This will help you find out about the weather or is it time for you to hydrate according to your environment.
Basically, what it let’s you know is the temperature. It shows in Celcius. I tried changing it to farenheit, but looks like it doesn’t.
Total Volatile Organic Compound, is the name given to a substance that has carbon in it and also turns into vapor.
It measures the level of carbon Di-Oxide in the air.
My Experience:

I personally tested the Kingmax AirQ Check with my personal devices, like my Mi4i and few other. You can check some of the other devices I tested out (Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet) on my Youtube Video. Now, I’ll be sharing my experience about it.
The experience across devices didn’t vary that much. Only time when I noticed a change was testing it out on a Android 6.0 running device and a Android 5.0 / 5.1 running device. Make sure you turn on the permission on your phone if you happen to use 6.0 or above. Which is Marshmallow and above.
Now, The Humidity was pretty accurate. I took readings during it was raining just to find out whether the device tells me whether its humid enough. And guess what, it did. It gave me a reading between 85- 90, which is great.
TVOC and eCO2 took a long while to give me the reading. Not sure because of the app or something. But yeah, the device itself gave really nice reading according to the environment. I sprayed some aerosol near the device to see whether the reading is instantaneous or not. It was and it did trigger the beep when the quality of the air is really bad.
The temperature was okay, I couldn’t really see a huge difference because it was around 25-28. Even inside an air conditioned room, which is okay. But odd. Either way it works.
They have this built in graph, where you can compare across days… Weeks or even month. Which is really great. So that it can give you a really nice statistic, that you can compare. Nice.
Some of the extra features, One of them is when the reading in TVOC or eCO2 is really high, your smartphone starts beeping. More like abort Mission haha. The other one is the LED Indicator that’s located on the device itself. Looks great and has that 3 LED light to indicate. But I ended up checking the smartphone instead of the indicator.
Only disspointment I had was with the AirQ Check app. The app worked really well, only thing is the interface was kind of outdated. And also the Outdoor mode doesn’t seem to work at all, I had to switch to the Indoor mode to check the Humidity and Temperature. Hey, look at the bright side. At least you can use the indoor mode to check when you’re out. 🙂
I have to say that it’s a really great device with a great potential. Having a handy Air Quality checker in your pocket is just nice and Kingmax idea on the product itself is great. You don’t see a lot of Smart Health devices like this… This is the only one in the market that gets the job done.
Kingmax, you guys did a great job and there’s always room for improvement. 🙂 And I’m counting on you folks to do even better. You guys have managed me to impress me this far, just a bit more. And congratulations on winning the Golden Pin Design Awards for the AirQ Check. That’s definitely something everyone should be proud of. Even consumers like us too!
And that’s been it guys. Feel free to share it with your friends and I will catch you guys in my upcoming YouTube & Article. Follow me on my social Network for more interesting stuff. 🙂
Till then, this is Prithivi Raj / Vesper
Signing off.

Link to Kingmax Site: Click Here