Yesterday, QNAP Malaysia officially announced their smart NAS OS at the QNAP QTS 4.3 Malaysia Launch which happened at Nexus Bangsar South. It’s called QTS 4.3. Their new OS features a bunch of new features and also a number of improvements over their previous OS. What this does is that it gives you this smarter and smoother data management experience, all at a very convenient way possible.
Here’s what the QTS 4.3 for NAS has to offer:
They’ve added applications and business features like the intelligent Qtier 2.0 that has automatic learning and customized scheduling, maximizes efficiency and performance. It also analyses the CPU performance and system at peak hours to decide the right time for processing auto tiering and optimum transfer speeds. Users can even manually set auto tiering to be processed during off peak times to provide enough system resources for running applications.
There’s an multimedia center that’s built right into the NAS system. There’s a Multi-Zone Control. It allows you to stream media and control every device connected to the NAS.
It has an intelligent technology that automates routine task and increases the system efficiency. This will let you focus on your project. The built in features let’s you take your productivity to the next level and provides you with latest apps that give you great performance and maximised productivity.
They also displayed their NAS System, TVS-x73 Series which is powered by AMD R-Series quad core APU. It supports up to 10GbE expandability, USB QuickAccess and a USB 3.1 Type-A card.

Also, QNAP teamed up with their partners, Seagate, JapanNet, ZyXEL for a even better experience. For further information, you can check out QNAP Official Site for the details. (

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