We have so many keyboard manufacturers out there that makes for desktop and other gadget that we carry along with us, and Logitech is no stranger to that game. Logitech does not only make keyboards that only works on your laptop or desktop but also on your tablet and your smartphone. This is the Unboxing and First Impression on the Logitech K780 Multi-Device.


On the front of the box, we have the picture of the keyboard we are going to take a look at followed by the model number that’s written up top and the Logitech Logo.

Moving on to the back, we have some of the features about the keyboard that we’ll be taking a look in a moment.

At the bottom, we have the contents that you’ll find in the box itself, what you need to use this keyboard (duh) and other stuff like how to use it and so on. Finally, we’ll see the serial number (for your warranty) and also the Barcode which the guy at the counter will scan, so that you can pay for it.

The moment you pop the box open, you’ll see the keyboard. And below that, you have the instructions that will show you on how to pair it up with your devices.

Now, let’s take a closer look and give you my First Impression.

First Look and Impression:

As you can see, the keyboard has this concave keys that resembles like a typewriter key. And that white color part that you see is where you can place your Tablet or even your smartphone. And it feels solid.

They’ve added a number pad, which is just nice. And the matte brushed finish on the keyboard is just beautiful, but I’m a bit worried that it might be prone to scratches of sorts.

Taking a look at the back, you’ll see the rubber feet that will hold your keyboard in place and right up top, you will also see an opening.

As soon as you open, you’ll see the battery slots (Batteries are included) and also the slot to keep your unity USB Receiver which is used to connect to your PC via wireless.

If you happen to own a Logitech product before this and if it came with a Unity USB Receiver, then you can use the same one. Like in my case, I am using the Same USB Receiver that came with my Logitech MX Master. You can also use it via Bluetooth which is amazing.

Earlier I mentioned about using the same keyboard and stay connected with upto 3 devices. These buttons are located here. The numbers indicate which device you are paired with, and I am pairing 1 – to my Laptop, 2 – to my Smartphone and 3 – to my Tablet.
Overall, it looks & feels like a solid keyboard with all these functionality that could make your productivity, cluster free and hassle free. But to give you my full review, I’ll be testing the keyboard as my daily keyboard, replacing with my current bluetooth keyboard. So, stay tuned.

As always, thank you so much for reading the unboxing and First Look + Impression on the Logitech K780. Stay tuned for my review on it as well. Be sure to follow me on my social Network for more juicy stuff on tech and also, if you have any sorts of question. Please drop down in the comment section below. 🙂