Looks like it’s time for Samsung to unveil their answers to us. The Samsung Unpacked is happening in New York, today. Well, for us Malaysians it’s night. And we are far away from New York. But fret not, Samsung has got us covered.

You can watch the Samsung Unpacked tonight at 11pm, Malaysian Time. And watch Samsung Unpack.

The link to where you can watch, is www.samsung.com/my. And that’s it.

For those who can’t watch, don’t worry as I’ll also be doing a Live Update on my Instagram Stories ( instagram.com/sparksjr_97 ) and also my Social Network (fb.me/tavesper & twitter.com/ClassicPrithivi).

As always, thank you so much for reading this and I will see you guys soon. Get your popcorn with you, as this is going to be a fun ride.