Amazon Web Services, long for AWS is a Summit that happens every year. It’s a place where they talk more about their web services that offers in-the-cloud infrastructure services which is based on Amazon’s own back-end technology platform. (It’s pretty much deep to be honest) and this time, the AWS took place in Malaysia at One World Hotel. It was a 90-minutes keynote and they were sharing a lot of new services they’ve included.

Now, let’s start. Amazon Web Services has so many services and one interesting thing about them is that they classify them into 6 different superpowers. Supersonic Speed, Flight, X-Ray Vision, Invisibility, Force Field, Immortality.

Supersonic Speed: It focuses more on the Elastic GPUs on EC2. T2, M4, D2, R4, X1 and all the way till F1. Now, adding on to the list is the Lightsail, which is their Simple VPS Solution. These gives the company the speed they need for their workforce.

X-Ray Vision: They also have tons of services for their company to understand their customers and business through analytics. Starting of with Redshift, is where the data gets stored. More like a warehouse. Followed by, QuickSight (Business Intelligence), Athena (Adhoc queries against S3), EMR (Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Hive, Presto, Mahqut, Pig, Zeppelin), Kinesis (Real time streaming data), Elasticsearch and Machine Learning.

One of their client, ServisHero is using their services and the reason why they picked AWS is becuase of the Speed, Scalability / cost effective, Collaboration, Flexibility and Big Data Capability.

There’s Artificial Intelligence on AWS which is powered by deep learning like their Rekognition where, it recognizes images. Polly is a text to speech program where you can initiate lifelike conversation with polly and get the answer you want. And Lex is their Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding program. You see it in their product, Alexa. And yep, Lex is part of A”lex”a.

Flight: Normally with other web services, moving around Database isn’t easy. It comes in at a very hefty price tag, proprietary, you’re locked in, punitive licensing and so on. But with AWS, you get to migrate between on-prem and AWS, between databases, there’s also automated schema conversion and data replication for zero downtime migrations. So, far over 22,000 has migrated their database.

Amazon Aurora is where you get speed and availability of commercial databases with cost-effectiveness of open sources. It’s compatible with MySQL, gives you up to 5x performance of High-End MySQL, it’s highly available and durable, costs 1/10th of commercial grade database and by far the fastest growing AWS service, till date.

Invisibility: This helps companies to have a Strong VM Ecosystem that run and performs well. Also, remain invisible.

Force Field: Security is important. Thus the name, Force Field. There’s like 4 different deep set of Cloud Security tools that helps you protect from any kinds of attacks.

Immortality: This is to make your business alive and evolve and adapt to the upcoming changes in technology that we’re about to see sooner or later.

Many companies all over the world is using AWS and this makes them run their company with no problems and worries as because at the moment, Amazon is a pioneer in the solution they offer. At the end of the day, everyone walks home safe and sound. In fact, Companies in Malaysia, like AirAsia, ServisHero, Astro and many more have been using their services.

So, for those who are really into their Web Services, you can always head over to where you can start building what you want, be it data storage, compute power and so on.