Recently on the fifth of June 2017, Forbes released its list on the top 100 most valuable brands worldwide. Here, Huawei had made its way into Forbes’ Most valuable Brands of 2017 list, ranking in the 88th spot from a pool of 200 global brands around the world. With that said, the list comprises of a 100 brands from 15 countries namely the United States, Germany, France and Japan. However impressively, Huawei is the only Chinese brand to have made the list with a brand value of $ 7.3 billion.

From the list, we can see that the technology industry holds a prominent position by holding 18 spots, taking up the most amount of spots in comparison to the other industries on the list. This can be seen with the financial industry only holding 13 spots and only 12 consumer companies making the cut. Huawei had a leading performance in the year 2016 due to its popularity with consumers around the world hence, expected the same growth in the first quarter of 2017 when there was a steady growth for Huawei’s smartphone shipments. This can be visibly seen when Huawei ranked 3rd globally and 1st in China according to statistics from IDC, SA and Trendforce.
Moreover, Huawei’s growth expanded in the primary segments of phones due to its flagship P series and Mate series. Their captivating designs intrigued consumers internationally making them a popular choice among buyers. This is evident when Huawei’s P9/P9 Plus model made global sales of over 12 million units. Furthermore, their latest model the P10 will also seem to make a great number of sales mainly because it had warm welcome from its launch of a new colour that had a joint  cooperation with PANTONE called Greenery.
Aside from that, Huawei’s marketing strategies are predominantly responsible for their growing brand influence. This is because the brand has used high end resources and maintained innovation in their marketing plans which can be seen with their marketing strategies for the P10 model. For instance, Huawei had teamed up the VOGUE  magazine and launched a campaign whereby they would use the Leica Portrait photo quality of Huawei P10 series to “recreate iconic photos”. Huawei also partnered up with Saatachi Gallery to help transmit Huawei’s brand concept to connect with consumers emotions and lifestyles with an exhibition called “From Selfie to Self Expression”.

Lastly, Huawei was not only recognised to be a valuable brand by Forbes but has also been acknowledge by other accredited brand value lists such as Interbrand’s “Top 100” and “Global 500” where it had climbed into the 72nd spot and the 40th place.