After the EA Sports Champions Cup that happened in Guangzhou, adidas X, the South Korean representatives, gave an amazing performance in the grand finals, where they went head on with TNP from Thailand and defeated them with a score of 3-1 in a best-of-five game series.

The Malaysian and Singapore powered team, SAM Elites gave their best shot and they did their best. The team was given a chance to qualify through the Fantasy Cup – Road to china.

Syed Nazirul Nazrin, the Head of eSports for FIFA Online 3 Malaysia commented that “We are incredibly proud of SAM Elites and their efforts throughout the entire tournament. They made us proud by making it into the quarter finals but ultimately lost to adidas NEMEZIZ. It’s great that Malaysian & Singaporean FIFA Online 3 players are able to compete on the international stage and this itself shows great promise from our local eSports scene.

The co-captain of SAM Elites, J0K3R and RippedJeannn commented that, “We are very thankful for all the support from all of our fans and supporters. We have tried our best and we come back home without any regrets. We will definitely come back stronger next time.”

Well, Congratulations to Adidas X for winning the Champions and as for our Malaysia and Singapore team, you guys did your best. And hope to see you guys battling and winning the trophy soon. 🙂