What it looks like Huawei, the chinese company is teasing their new selfie focused smartphone which packs a 20MP Front Facing camera. It’s Huawei’s first smartphone to feature a huge front facing camera on the front. Not only that, it features a dual camera technology along with it.

The phone also has other camera features like Outstanding photos in low light, Raise hand motions and 2-second countdown for selfies for easy shooting, Bokeh effect selfies with facial recognition and real-time preview and also beauty 4.0 with automatic gender recognition.

One thing that got my attention is that it has a 3D facial recognition with vivid colors and relighting effect, which is something new. Huawei claims that their nova series that it will be one of a kind and it gives a best in class experience, just like what a premium smartphone is capable of. We have nothing else other than the information on the camera but we shall find out when we get the chance to take a look at the device.

Stay tuned as there’s more interesting things coming on the way.