One of the interesting products we saw during CES 2017 was Samsung’s new Frame TV. It’s not just a TV but what I like to call is the “Digital Canvas.” Because it is. And now it’s in Malaysia.

The Moment you take a look at the Frame TV, it’s definitely like nothing else because of it’s design language. It’s customizable according to your setup, be it at Home or at an art gallery. It blends in really well and looks staggering at first glance. The Frame TV comes in 2 different Model, 55-inch and 65-inch models.

Now here’s a feature that’s pretty cool. Now the moment you turn off a normal usual conventional TV, it goes black. But the Frame TV has other idea. It turns off by enabling, what they call “The Art Mode.” The TV will start showing art work and it stays under disguise. More like how transformer works, they are robots but in disguise. Now the frame can show 100 exclusive works of 37 renowned designers or your family photos, all with your smartphone. It runs Samsung’s very own Tizen OS under the hood which has a fluidic response when you control it.

The Frame TV is being controlled using a Smartphone here.

I mentioned earlier that the TV is customizable. And I really mean it. The Frame has a brightness sensor, which adjusts according to your lighting in your room, and gives the feel of having a fine piece of heart hanging on the wall. The second way to customize the Frame is to replace the Frame. You can choose which goes well with the setup at home. There’s Walnut, Beige Wood and White.

Pretty sure, we all would want a TV like this to sit flush to the wall. Afterall, it is a beautiful piece of Digital Canvas. And this is where their No Gap Wall-mount comes in. It has a universal mount system that’s built into the back of the TV, and it sits flush to the wall. And it looks like any other art canvas. No seriously, it does. And the Invisible Connection, removes the cable clustering across the place which is neat.

Now for the Price, the 65-inch model will be sold for RM14,999 whereas the 55-inch model will be sold for RM 9,999 respectively. It will be available starting 15th of August 2017. So do keep your eyes peeled for it. If you want to know more about this TV, check out