Just like last time, iFlix did it again. This time, they secured the hyped up K-Drama that’s stirring up a lot of attention, The Bride of Haebak for iFlix members in Malaysia and Brunei. What’s even more interesting is that, the new episodes will be available every Thursday and Friday on iFlix, within 72 hours after it gets broadcast in Korea.

For those who don’t know what The Bride of Haebak is, it’s a South Korean Drama which is based on a comic book series, Bride of Water God by Yoon Mi-kyung, which was popular back in 2006. And in this Fantasy drama, we have famous Korean Actor/actress starring, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Shin Sae-Kyeong, Gong Myung and Krystal.
So-Ah (Shin Sae-Kyeong), is a neurophychiatrist who sacrifices herself as a bride for the sake of her village and Haebaek (Nam Joo-Hyuk) descends down to earth to meet his human bride. It has this Romance between a Human and a Supernatural god.

Iflix now has a bunch of popular korean dramas like Secret Garden, Goblin, The Legend of the Blue Sea, Scent of a Woman, Princess Hours, Prince Hours and many more. Now, The Bride of Haebaek joins the list.
For those who wants to watch, all you have to do is to head over to www.iflix.com or download the app from Google Play or Apple Store, log in and start watching it. For first timers, you can register a new account and get a complimentary one-month trial with full access.