I personally love computers with that futuristic look and feel and you can see me geeking out when I watch movies where they have something we don’t have right now. Like for instance, the system where Flynn logs on to and gets sucked into the digital world. We are getting there. And I love watching companies accomplishing it step by step. And I can say that the Lenovo Yoga Book is the closest thing we have in 2017.

I had the chance to spend some quality time with this beautiful piece of hardware and it’s definitely a memorable moment. Before we head into the specifications, the Yoga Book comes in two variant, in terms of OS. You can get it in Windows 10 or you can even pick up an android version if you’re looking for one.

In terms of specification, both the variant comes with Intel Atom x5-Z8550 Processor with 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM with 64GB Built in storage which you can expand it with an SD card up to 128GB. It comes with a 10.1” Full HD 400 nits touch enabled display which is pretty decent at first glance. And you get two cameras on the device, on the front we have a 2MP camera and on the back, we have an 8MP AF Camera. In terms of design, we have the Watchband hinge which takes your breath away if you’re into those small details that could turn you on.

Now, the thing that makes the Yoga Book stand out from the crowd is the CreatePad. That’s where the magic happens. It’s a digital drawing board that let’s you create art with the Real Pen. And with a tap, it becomes a keyboard which is amazing. It’s called the Halo Keyboard where it gives an haptic feedback when you type on it.

When I was using the Yoga Book, it was a different experience. Starting of with the form factor, it was incredibly light and for a machine like this, it’s pretty powerful. And using it is fun. The Real Pen & CreatePad, responsiveness was pretty on point and as it’s a pressure sensitive tip, you can draw just the way you like. Also, the tip of the pen can be replaced with ink tips. You can place a piece of paper on it and write. And as you write, the device takes the input just the way you write it down, in your very own handwriting.

The Halo Keyboard on the other hand is futuristic. With the haptic feedback, it felt better. But honestly it does take some time to get used to it. And in my experience, it was alright. The display was sharp and the touch was responsive.

Lenovo also showcased how to fully utilize the creative features of the Lenovo Yoga Book, and combining traditional drawing styles with modern technology with KL SketchNation, a community of urban sketching enthusiasts who enjoy sketching scenes of our beautiful city. Not only that, Hakym of KL SketchNation, who also shared his experience with the Lenovo Yoga Book about how he’s been using the Yoga Book on his daily walkabouts.

Honestly, it was one great experience with the Lenovo Yoga Book and also there’s a lot of potential with a device like this as this could let every single one of us to create and do what we love on the move. The Lenovo Yoga Book (Android & Windows) is retailed at RM 2,699 and you can get your very own at any Lenovo Authorized Stores. We also had the chance to take a look at the new color, Red. And they’ve also mentioned that the 128GB Variant will be available in the market soon.